WWII/Korean War Memorial, Ohio


On the corner of 5th and Main Street in Zanesville, Ohio there is a unique corner-lot memorial dedicated to the 297 fallen soldiers of Muskingum County, Ohio.  These men served in World War II and the Korean War.  Each helmet is inscribed with the name of a particular soldier who paid forward his life for our freedom. Standing in front of the Pile of Helmets is a lone soldier, perhaps on guard, or maybe showing the hard lines of bewilderment about his fallen buddies.

These were their sons, dads, husbands, brothers, uncles and the future of their family. This is a place of war soldiers remembered. This is not a history lesson on war, nor on the results of war and conflict. It is a time of reflection and remembering those who have served in all wars and conflicts to preserve the freedoms that I so often take for granted.

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