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Best Central Kentucky Waterfall Hikes

Most Kentuckians are familiar with Cumberland Falls, known as the Niagara of the South. Visiting Cumberland Falls is a good first start toward enjoying the beauty that we have in central Kentucky. But this waterfall is just the beginning; Get out and explore these Kentucky …


Black Dog Salvage Marketplace

Have you watched the TV show, Salvage Dawgs on the DIY Network? The crew does a whole lot more than rescue old doors, windows and fireplace mantels. They also create and sell unique, upcycled pieces with the treasures they find. Their mission is to save …


PappaJohn Sculpture Park – Des Moines Iowa

Sometimes you find some pretty amazing places when you get to a new city. Last fall we were on a road trip in Iowa and found ourselves with some extra time to explore. We decided to drive downtown to check out the John & Mary …