African Safari in Ohio

Did you know you can take an African Safari in Ohio? Easy Travel Mom took her daughter to experience some of the African Wildlife at the The African Safari Wildlife Park in Sandusky Ohio!

african safari wildlife park

African Safari in Ohio

African Safari Wildlife Park has an abundance of animals. We were there in the off-season (May) so there were not as many animals out as we would have hoped, however, my daughter certainly did not realize this. Look at that smile!

african safari

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I had no idea there were so many places in the United States where you can take a realistic African Safari. US News has a complete list of 8 different Safari Experiences in the US.

When I was a child, we visited a place that had camels wandering around. I can still remember that camel trying to eat my brother’s playpen that was strapped to the top of our station wagon.

Have you ever taken a safari adventure? I’d love to hear your favorite memories.

Images used with permission from Easy Travel Mom

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  1. Thanks Sharon for the mention! I had no idea there were even MORE places but this country is so big I guess I should have known!

  2. To answer your question, also, I drove through something similar to this once in Texas and a zebra literally took a bite out of my sideview mirror. Made quite the selling point years later!

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