How Many States have You Visited?

One of my personal goals on my ‘bucket list’ is to visit all 50 states in the US! Right now I’m at 38! That means I’m over half way and moving forward with that goal. How many states have you visited? Do you display your progress in your home?

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How Many States have You Visited?

I created a quick checklist on Google Spreadsheets to help us count the states. Feel free to add your name and add up the states you have visited. Once you find your number, please share so we can all see how far along on your journey you are!

Click to access the Public State Travel Map

If the Google Spreadsheet doesn’t work for you, you can download the Word version. STATES VISITED

outline map

I get the travel bug quite naturally. My Mom and Dad just wrapped up a 21 day road trip where they hit #49! All they lack now is the state of Alaska! When I was growing up, my Mom kept a map colored in showing where I had traveled. She even recorded the date when I first visited.

Why a Number?

Many people say they love to travel but don’t know how to quantify their progress. By putting a number on how many states you have visited, you are able to see your progress. Not only does this give you bragging rights when you achieve your goal of 50, but it also helps motivate you to keep traveling and exploring our great country!

How to Display your Travels

You can use a fun scratch off map like this one to help track your family travels!


If you are looking to travel to all 50 states and need a little help from the experts, check out this free resource from a fellow blogger in the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area. Sign up to receive new articles at Travel 50 States with Kids and receive a free copy of the e-book How to Visit All 50 States in 12 Trips.

There are great vinyl state stickers that you can use to display your state travels!

When we were in Paducah, Kentucky last year, we had the opportunity to create a United States map on reclaimed wood. We use push pins to record our travels across the country.

MAKE Paducah United States Map

How many states have you visited? I’d love to hear! Count them up and share in the comments or post over on Facebook!

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