Monument Valley is Closed! Now What?

This summer our family took a socially distant, no contact road trip out west. One of the places we planned to visit was Monument Valley in southeast Utah. However, due to Covid, the whole Navajo nation was closed and we could not visit the actual park. That did not stop us from seeing some amazing places in the area and making lots of memories. Here are some tips of what to see when Monument Valley is closed.

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Monument Valley is Closed! Now What?

Forrest Gump Point

You can still take your picture at the famous Forrest Gump Point since this piece of the road is not in the official Monument Valley Tribal Park. If you come in to southeast Utah from Arizona Hwy 163 and keep driving about 60 miles into Utah, you will find it with no problem.

Along the way, stop and enjoy the amazing views at every pull off. Sure, you may not be able to visit the actual park, but the scenery is amazing!

As you drive, remember to look behind you so you won’t miss the Forrest Gump Lookout Point. When we arrived, there was only one other family taking a picture. We just pulled over and waited for them to finish and then we were able to get our pictures.

Remember that this is a busy road at times, so be careful and keep an eye out for traffic while you take your pictures.

Other Things to See

The Southeast corner of Utah has so many things to see. Once you drive past Forrest Gump Point look for several other beautiful natural attractions.

Just 8 miles further up the road, you will see Mexican Hat.
US-163 Scenic, Mexican Hat, UT 84531

Goosenecks State Park

Drive about 10 more miles and visit Goosenecks State Park. There is a $5.00 entrance fee per car but this is well worth the visit! The Park is very primitive with steep drops and limited safety barriers but is an absolutely stunning park and overlook.

There are picnic tables and restrooms available. You can spend as much time as you want here but if you are simply driving through and enjoying the scenery, you will probably not spend more than an hour.

There are many more things to see in the southeast Utah area but we ran out of time on our visit. Check out the Bluff, Utah attractions for more suggestions for outdoor adventures!

Things to Remember:

  • Check the Navajo Nation for current regulations before you visit the area
  • When the Navajo Nation is closed, understand that there are NO convenience stores, restaurants, vendors or restrooms open. You may still be able to get gas since some pumps may still be turned on, but you will not be able to make any purchases in store. Fill up with gas before you enter the area and watch your gas tank.
  • Stock up on your snacks and water before you head into Utah.

In the area and looking for something else amazing to explore? Check out Horseshoe Bend in Page, Arizona!

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    I have a question; am I currently allowed to drive through Monument Valley on my way to Moab, UT?

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