Favorite U.S. Aquariums + tips for your visit!

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My family enjoys going to visit aquariums. There’s just so much to see and experience. Aquariums are much more than just a few tanks with fish. Many of them have glassed in tanks where you can walk under the fish and see what life looks like under the water. You can see and learn about different ecosystems and under water creatures.  If you are heading to an aquarium, then you need to remember some tips to help you make your visit amazing!

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Favorite U.S. Aquariums

Aquarium Tips and Reviews

  • Be the first ones in!  The crowds get bigger the later it gets in the day.  If you want to enjoy the views without having to fight the crowds, get there when they first open the doors.
  • Check online first. Many aquariums offer printable coupons or discounts through their websites.  You may be able to save some money if you look online.  Sometimes local grocery chains  offer discounts at their check out lanes.
  • Check coupon booklets at Welcome Centers.  When we visited Ripleys Aquarium of the Smokies we were able to get free shark tooth necklaces for everyone in our group because we found a coupon in the coupon books that we picked up when we entered Tennessee.
  • Discuss the Gift Store before you enter.  Kids need to know the expectations.  We rarely make a purchase at  a gift store, but every attraction is going to make you walk through the shop before you leave.  If you and the kids already know what to expect, you may be able to prevent a melt down.
  • Charge your batteryMake sure your camera battery is charged and your memory card empty. You’ll want to take lots of pictures.

Here are several real life reviews of popular Aquariums:

Tips to visiting aquariums

Favorite US Aquariums







 New Jersey






What’s your favorite aquarium to visit? Got any tips I should add to this list? I’d love to hear!

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  1. My daughter LOVES aquariums. In fact, I kind of like them too! We’ve been to Mystic Aquarium in Connecticut (posted a review on my site) but it was not as exciting as I remember it as a kid. We also love the Aquarium at our local Columbus Zoo – we could sit in there for hours. Actually we have! Even when the Kid was an infant I took her there. I also love, love, love the Boston Aquarium but I’ve only been there pre-Kid and am sure she would enjoy it just as much. I have to get down to KY as I’ve heard good things about Newport. Thank you for the info!!! Another good tip is to make sure you know how to use your flash in the aquarium because many aquariums are more darkly lit and it’s hard to figure out the flash capabilities in the dark! (Been there, done that!)

  2. I must admit I’m not a big aquarium fan. And our local one is pretty lame as it’s in an old grocery store building (a new one is coming in the next few years). I would love to see some tips on taking better photos in aquariums, though. I do really like the jelly fish exhibit at the Albuquerque aquarium, though. I could watch that for hours. I would love to see some tips on taking better photos in aquariums. With the darkness, and the often neon lights I never get a good shot.

  3. Our fave thing to visit are aquariums, indoors which is nice in the heat, some are both indoors and outdoors. It’s just so beautiful to see the creatures of the water!

    We have been wanting to see Moody Gardens in Galveston, Tx. but haven’t been able to go yet.

  4. This is one of my favorite places to visit! Actually any aquarium! The ones I would recommend are Montery Bay Aquarium in CA, and The Atlanta, GA AQuarium .

  5. My family enjoys the Oregon Coast Aquarium (I wrote a review on my blog). The kids spent a long time laying on the floor windows pretending to swim with the fish. They also really enjoyed the touch tanks.

    I grew up going to the Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium in Tacoma, WA. I remember laying on the floor in front of the sharks while my mom breastfed my little sister. Great moments.

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