Montague Sculpture Fields


Are you in the Chattanooga area looking for a place to walk and enjoy some time outdoors? Even during the winter days, it’s still possible to get outside and get some steps and enjoy public art sculptures. Montague Sculpture Fields is a 33-acre park with walking trails and art pieces from all around the world. Take a look at what we discovered on our recent visit to Chattanooga.

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Montague Sculpture Fields

Sculpture Fields is a 33-acre public park filled with sculptures from all over the world.  Located on Chattanooga’s Southside, it is the largest sculpture park in the Southeast and home to over 40 large-scale sculptures.

Wear your walking shoes and enjoy the gravel path that covers over 1 1/2 miles of trail.

  • Operating Hours: Dawn til Dusk
  • Free and open to the public

Whether you are a local resident looking for a place to eat your sandwich on lunchbreak or are visiting Chattanooga as a tourist, Montague Sculpture Fields is perfect for every traveler.

  • There is no charge to visit Montague Sculpture Fields.
  • Parking is free and easily accessible.
  • The Sculpture Park is located down in the middle of factories and industries and when we visited, we felt very safe. There were people eating lunch in their vehicles, a couple walking their dog, and a family enjoying the exhibits. Be aware of your surroundings and enjoy the park!

Find the Sculpture Fields

1800 Polk Street, Chattanooga, TN

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