How to Find New Luggage

If you have the travel bug, you may find that you need new luggage to make your trips a little smoother.  We have traveled thousands of miles in the last few years and taken our trusty set of red US Traveler luggage all across the United States from Charleston to San Francisco and everywhere in between. But after putting so many miles on these suitcases, it’s about time for us to start looking for some replacements. If you realize that it’s time to think about new luggage, check out these tips.

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How to find New Luggage

US Traveler Luggage Set

We purchased a set of luggage about 10 years ago that has lasted us really well. Over the years, we have added other pieces to help us in our travels. Some pieces have become staples and go everywhere and other pieces haven’t made the cut.  Here are some questions and tips to help you in your search for the best luggage for your lifestyle.

Know your Travel Style:

Before you purchase your next set of luggage, you need to determine what you need. Depending on your travel style, you may not need a full luggage set with all the various pieces. You should think about the type of travel you do on a regular basis.

  • Do you travel on your own and can get by with just a heavy duty backpack for simple travel?
  • Are you traveling in a car where space and weight are not an issue or do you need to consider flight regulations?
  • Are you a family traveler who needs to be able to carry lots of baby clothes and extras?
  • Are you traveling with tweens and teens who can keep up with their own bags?  If so, do they need backpacks or carry on suitcases?
  • Do you need a special toiletry bag that carries an extensive makeup collection or something simpler for the basic supplies?
  • Are you a business traveler who needs to pack business clothes that can’t be folded? If so, then you need to make sure you have a garment bag that will protect your professional suits, dresses and business attire.

What Pieces do you need?

Most luggage sets come with three suitcases on wheels and may include a smaller toiletry bag.  If you are traveling as a family, you may need the full set.  If not, you may be able to save money by only buying the pieces you need.

Will you Carry a Laptop?

When I travel, I often have a laptop computer that has to go with me.  I prefer to carry a laptop backpack so I can have my hands free for my carry on bag.  

I love this laptop backpack when I am traveling with my computer and other electronics. Check out my review of the Mountain Khakis Laptop bag.

Mountain Khakis Laptop Bag
Mountain Khakis Laptop Bag

Think Outside Typical Luggage Pieces

You may want to carry a typical toiletry bag or you may want to think about something a little more unique.  Whether you are carrying various cosmetic brushes or looking for a way to transport chargers, cords and adapters, you might want to use a Lay-N-Go Bag.  

Lay/N/Go Cosmo

The Lay N Go Cosmo bag is perfect for carrying all your cosmetics or accessories in the simple drawstring bag. When you get to your destination, you just pull it out of your suitcase and open it up, giving you easy access to all the items you need. No more digging into a stuffed cosmetic bag with things hiding in the darkened corners.

Thrift Store: I have a friend who found a 3 piece set of brand new luggage for $10.00. When looking for luggage, take a look at the thrift store options and see if you find what you need there for a good bargain.

Shop online
If you shop online, make sure you get your rebates. Start your shopping trip online at Mr Rebates or Ebates. Read here for details. For hundreds of online stores you can get 2% – up to 20% rebate for all your online purchass. (Kohls, Ebay, Walmart, Old Navy, Ebags…..) Plus, you will get a bonus $5 applied to your account just for signing up.

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