Why I love Utah

Today we continue our I Love My State Series with a feature on Utah! I have not had the opportunity to visit Utah, but hopefully next summer my family will be taking a road trip and heading west! Here’s a great post about Why I Love Utah from A Local Wander Blogger, Michelle!

Why I Love Utah

why i love utah

Growing up in small town, rural Iowa, I don’t remember learning a single thing about Utah. No, not even about “the Mormons.” But, when an Iowa girl moves to Alaska and decides to marry a born-and-raised Utah native, chances are good she’s going to get a pretty good education. I moved there with him and in 11 years we’ve done a lot of exploring that I’m more than happy to share with you!

Utah is nothing if not diverse. Most people are familiar with at least the calendar-version of our 5 National Parks. They are awe-inspiring, but if you’re in the area to see them, be sure to leave a little extra time for a couple of my other southern Utah favorites. You can climb in a red rock landscape just like Mars, camp on the beach for free, and hike across the Utah-Arizona border to see one of the most amazing things you’re ever going to see.

If green and beautiful sightseeing is more your style, northern Utah will surely fit the bill. Starting in Salt Lake City, there are endless opportunities for historic sightseeing, shopping, and outdoor adventuring. Temple Square, including the headquarters of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, is Utah’s #1 tourist attraction year after year. A multi-block park open to the public, Temple Square offers a relaxing alternative to the bustle of downtown as well as great visitor’s centers and museums offering insight into the founding of our capitol city and our great state.

Camping at Swasey Beach
Camping at Swasey Beach

Just across the street is City Creek Center, a new state-of-the-art outdoor shopping center with retractable roof and fish streams running through the middle of it. These two sites alone could keep you busy in Salt Lake City for days!

golden spike national monument
Golden Spike National Monument

As for the outdoor adventuring? You name it, I promise you can find it and do it in Utah! Float in the Great Salt Lake, hike in the mountains to a waterfall, check out the unique “mountain letters” that identify cities and colleges, or take a splash in a Caribbean blue lake. I’m positive, if there’s something outdoors you love to do, or have ever dreamed about doing, you’ll find it here!

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Have you been to Utah? What’s your favorite place to visit and enjoy the great state of Utah? I’d love to hear! Looking for more Utah Vacation Ideas?

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  1. I so need to get to Utah! We love outdoor adventure and it seems like we would love Utah too!

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