Why I Love Massachusetts

One month ago we lost 3 victims in the Boston Marathon, many more injured, and thousands affected. In the midst of it all we came out with Boston Strong! It seems so fitting considering what a tragedy it has been. We are a nation that sticks together which is a pretty big deal considering how big we really are. So although I don’t live there anymore, and it’s been a terrible tragedy that no words can help, I want to remember the good by talking about why I love Massachusetts.

why i love massachusetts

Why I Love Massachusetts

Massachusetts is a beautiful place to visit, whether you are young and single, married, older and retired, or are knee-deep in raising a family like me. I know because I lived in Boston and near Cape Cod for 10 years in my 20s to early 30s and continue to go back to visit with my family and friends. There is so much to see, do, learn and discover in this vastly diverse state.

Massachusetts Welcomes You

The central and western part of the state is known for its vast beautiful foliage changing colors in the Fall and its corn mazes and farm fun to be had in the Spring. Ever heard of the Berkshires? Mountainous beauty filled with outdoor activities. Ever heard of Norman Rockwell? Try the museum in Stockbridge filled with fun for kids. The Dr. Seuss sculpture garden in Springfield is sure to be fun by all ages as haven’t we all read the books? Visit Sturbridge Village to learn about the daily life of a farming town in the 19th century. These are the things that make Massachusetts unique.

Why I Love Massachusetts
Why I Love Massachusetts

What makes Massachusetts best is Boston and its surrounding area. From scenic towns along the North Shore to Cape Cod to the South, along with quick rides to Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket, the east side of the state may be crowded and busy but that’s why it has something for everyone.


Think of beautiful, sandy beaches of Cape Cod; think of getting scared in Salem, home of the witch trials, on Halloween; think of Plymouth Rock (it’s actually not that big) and seeing the Mayflower.

Fun in Massachusetts - pictures used with permission from friends, Sonya P.
Fun in Massachusetts – pictures used with permission from friend, Sonya P.

Let’s not forget that Massachusetts is home of some of the best sports teams in the US (the NY Yankees can argue with me later), with the Boston Red Sox at landmark Fenway, New England Revolution for soccer and the New England Patriots for football at Gillette Stadium, and finally the Boston Celtics for basketball and Boston Bruins for ice hockey that play at the TD Garden. And of course we can’t ever forget the Boston Marathon, where the world’s top long-distance runners come to participate in this annual event.

fenway park
Fenway Park on Vacation (image used from Sonya P)

A vacation in Massachusetts must always include Boston. The history this state offers is unbeatable by any other state in New England, in my opinion. Colonial and Revolutionary times can be experienced best by walking the Freedom Trail, a 3-mile walk that takes you from the Boston Commons to Bunker Hill. It includes stops in Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market, a great place to eat, shop and explore. Also you will see the North End, Boston’s “little Italy”, to see Paul Revere’s house and then onto Charlestown to see the Bunker Hill Monument – my most favorite place I lived in Boston when I was there.

Not into history? No problem. Check out Cheers “where everyone knows your name” based after the US TV show. Or visit the ducklings in the Public Gardens that all kids must sit on from the book Make Way for Ducklings. My favorite, Parish Cafe in the Back Bay, where you can order a Zuni roll and drink a great cosmo (don’t ask, just do it!). Oh how I love that place!

The Boston Library is right nearby with beautiful architecture and art to be seen inside and out. Or go shopping on Newbury Street, with high-end retailers that are both small businesses and big. No matter what you do in Boston, you will never see everything so just have fun and make the most of it! Just like Boston has.

I don’t know about you but I’m already planning my trip next year. All the things that make Boston great is why I love Massachusetts. Do you have the same love for your home state?

Featured Image used by permission from Sonya P’s most recent vacation to Massachusetts.

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  1. Thanks Sharon for the article! I really enjoyed writing about it and came up with like 3 articles in addition to this one as I could go on and on and on about Massachusetts and Boston!

  2. Salem on Halloween is to this day one of the most bizarre I’ve ever done and I would go back every year if I lived closer! I lived there long before kids, but now that we know “Make Way For Ducklings”, I totally want to take my pack back out there!

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