What to See at Mill Springs Mill

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There are some places that you go and visit once and that is enough. You know you have to visit so you can say you’ve been, but you don’t really have to go back. Mill Springs Mill is NOT one of those places. Located just 20 minutes from Somerset, Kentucky, this is one of those places that we have visited multiple times and always find something new to explore! Have you ever been here? If not, I think these pictures will make you plan your next trip!

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What to see at mill springs mill kentucky

What to See at Mill Springs Mill

Things to Know

There is no fee to walk down and enjoy the Mill but donations are accepted at the top of the hill if you would like. A great way to support the Mill and the community is by purchasing souvenirs, snacks and cornmeal from the Gift Shop at the top of the hill. All proceeds go right back into the community.

It’s not a long walk or hike to the Mill, but it it is fairly steep. The trail is paved but not a flat concrete path so it is a bit uneven. Although you could technically push a stroller or wheelchair, it is too steep to be comfortable for either the rider or the one pushing. I would recommend that anyone who can’t walk down the hill stay and enjoy the view from the top.

View from the top

Restrooms are accessible to the left. They are clean and well maintained.

Restroom facilities

If you continue to the left past the restrooms, you will find plenty of beautiful picnic areas and a cannon overlooking the lake at the end. This is a short, one-way path to the overlook.

Picnic area at Mill Springs Mill

The right path on the trail takes you down to the Mill and waterfalls. I don’t have words for how beautiful this part of the trail is. Just take a look at these pictures straight off my camera and plan your trip!

We hadn’t planned for family pictures, but this place was too beautiful to pass up the chance. Thanks to a random stranger for capturing these family pictures so I can enjoy them!

Mill Springs Mill

This is an operating grist mill where you can watch the process of grinding the corn and making corn meal. Then you can go up to the gift shop and purchase the cornmeal and take it home. On our visit this weekend, we were able to sample some cornbread made by the miller’s wife (and yes, it was delicious!)

Cornbread at Mll Springs Mill

The Mill can grind 800 pounds of corn an hour (1600 pounds if both millstones are running), so they only operate the mill a few minutes each hour. It is a massive water wheel and quite impressive when it starts turning.

Mill Springs Mill

Find Mill Springs Battlefield and Driving Tour

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Directions to Mill Springs Mill

  • Drive approximately 4 miles south of Somerset bypass on US 27
  • Turn right on 90 and go about 10 miles
  • Turn right on 1275 and go approximately 1 mile
  • You will see a historical marker on the right telling you that you have arrived at stop 9 on the driving tour. The picture below is taken looking back at the sign from the opposite direction.
  • Parking is past the building on the right.

Mill Springs Battlefield Driving Tour Stop 9

Have you explored Mill Springs Battlefield and taken the driving tour? What is your favorite stop?

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