Visiting the Pierce Manse: New Hampshire


Any time we are visiting an area we make it a point to stop at homes with presidential connections. When we were traveling through New Hampshire, we wanted to learn about President Franklin Pierce so of course we stopped at the Pierce Manse in Concord, NH! The Pierce Manse is the only home owned and lived in by the 14th United States President.

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Visiting the Pierce Manse New Hampshire

Visiting the Pierce Manse: New Hampshire

We arrived at the Pierce Manse just after closing time so did not have the opportunity to tour the inside, but we still think it’s important to stop and visit. We make sure the kids get their picture in front of each historical landmark and then we talk about the people that lived in this home.

Now when they learn about President Pierce, they will have a connection to this US leasder who established the office of the United States Attorney General, modernized the Army and Navy, and expanded our national borders.

The Pierce Manse: Concord, New Hampshire

The Pierce Manse is the only home ever owned and lived in by President Franklin Pierce, a New Hampshire native and the 14th President of the United States.

Take a step back in time by touring President Pierce’s historic home. Using hands-on objects, primary source documents, and visual clues in the historic house, visitors will learn about what life was like in the mid-19th century for Franklin Pierce, his wife Jane, and their two sons.

Pierce Manse: Concord, New Hampshire

Things to Know:

  • You can view the house for free but will need tickets to tour the insides.
  • The house is open for tours through out most of the year, but times do vary based on season.  Make sure you check the schedule before you arrive.
  • There is an admission charge for tours.
  • Free parking is available beside the house entrance.

Connect with the Pierce Manse:

14 Horseshoe Pond Lane
Concord, New Hampshire


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