Visiting Mchargue’s Mill in Central Kentucky

Sometimes the best places to spend time are the little known city parks that deliver amazing beauty but limited people. Most of us are feeling antsy and ready to get out and explore but we don’t want to be around crowds of people. A visit to Mchargue’s Mill at the Levi Jackson Wilderness Road Park may be just the place for you!

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Visiting Mchargue’s Mill in Central Kentucky

Levi Jackson Wilderness Road Park is a free city park located just a few minutes south of London, Kentucky in Laurel County. The park is almost 900 acres and includes a section of the Wilderness Road that early settlers used to reach Kentucky. The park is named for Levi Jackson, an early Kentucky pioneer and serves as both a recreational and historic park.

One of our favorite parts of Levi Jackson Wilderness Road Park is McHargue’s Mill. There is no fee for parking or any admission required. The paved loop path is short enough to be easy for any fitness level but gives you a beautiful place for pictures.

McHargue’s Mill is a reproduction working watermill with authentic interior works. It was built on the banks of the Little Laurel River by the Civilian Conservation Corps in 1939. Outside the mill is a large display of millstones. The working stones in the mill were brought over the Wilderness Road in 1805.

Levi Jackson State Park

Things to Know:

  • There is a straight, paved path over to the Mill that is perfect for strollers and/or wheelchairs.
  • Do not feed the wildlife. There are signs posted reminding you that is against the park guidelines to feed the ducks punishable by fines.
  • There is no fee for parking or entrance to the Park.

Once you walk to the Mill, you can climb a few steps and walk around to the backside and enjoy the water rushing over the spillway.

Find Levi Jackson State Park

998 Levi Jackson Mill Rd.
London, KY 40744



What does Mchague’s Mill look like when the leaves aren’t out yet? Take a look at the beauty of Levi Jackson Wilderness Road Park in the winter months!

Levi Jackson Wilderness Road State Park

Where can you go when you finish visiting Levi Jackson Park? Why not drive over to one of the many central Kentucky waterfalls!

Dog Slaughter Falls
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