Visiting Historic Rugby in Tennessee

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Recently, we drove over to Historic Rugby, a Victorian English Village on the Cumberland Plateau in Tennessee. Many of the places we visit have historical significance related to Presidents or our direct American history, but historic Rugby was a little different. The community of Rugby was an experimental colony founded by some genteel Englishmen in the late 1800’s. Now the area is a beautiful place to step back in time, enjoy a meal at the Harrow Road Cafe or learn about the colony and the history.


Visiting Historic Rugby in Tennessee

What is Rugby?

We’re a Victorian English village, established in 1880, on the Cumberland Plateau in Tennessee. Created as a utopian community, Rugby has a rich history that we share with visitors from around the world.

Historic Rugby

Nestled among tall pines and oaks just south of the Big South Fork National Park, lies Historic Rugby, Tennessee; a British-founded village whose Utopian dream of a better life in America has never quite died. This is the story of the Rugby Colony- an aspiring Utopia.



Take the tour; watch the short film to get the background of the area and then take the time to visit the historic buildings, church, library and stores stocked with products created by local artisans.


Rugby offers a variety of shops and unique merchandise. We feature crafts and merchandise from places all over the planet, along with goods made in Appalachia. There are things in Rugby you won’t find anywhere else in the world.



Historic 1887 Christ Church Episcopal


Harrow Road Cafe

When you’re done with your exploration, stop for lunch at the newly remodeled Harrow Road Cafe.




Where is Historic Rugby?

Historic Rugby is located about an hour off I75 or about 20 minutes from Jamestown, TN.


Historic Rugby

Connect with Historic Rugby:

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Have you visited Historic Rugby? Ever heard about this quaint community in the Big South Fork National River & Recreation Area?

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