10 US Waterfalls Worth the Trip


There’s nothing better than getting to the end of the hike and finding an amazing waterfall! Whether you are hiking in the Smoky Mountains, driving through Kentucky or visiting New York, the US has some amazing waterfalls to explore. Of course, we all know about Niagara Falls, but what about the rest of the US Waterfalls? Here are 10 US Waterfalls worth the trip!


10 US Waterfalls Worth the Trip

Our family loves exploring hiking trails together. There is just nothing quite like the fun of getting to the end of a new trail and discovering an amazing waterfall cascading over the cliffs. We have found some pretty incredible waterfalls here in our home state of Kentucky. Whether you live in out west, or in the south, you can find some amazing US waterfalls.

#1: Niagara Falls

Of course the most famous waterfall in the United States is Niagara Falls in Buffalo, New York. We took the kids last summer to enjoy the most famous waterfall in the country. Learn more about visiting Niagara Falls.

Niagara Falls
Niagara Falls

#2: Fall Creek Falls

In Tennessee, there is a very popular state park with various watefalls and cascades. We have visited Fall Creek Falls State Park many times and enjoy exploring the trails, swinging bridges and waterfalls.

Hiking to waterfalls is not something that is only done in the summer months. Sometimes it’s amazing to go discover a waterfall when there is snow on the ground. Our family took a hike one winter over to Anglin Falls in central Kentucky and discovered that winter hiking can be the most fun of all.

#3: Anglin Falls

#4: Cumberland Falls

#5: Minnehaha Falls, MN

Minnehaha Falls is a 53 foot falls that became a tourist destination after the publication of the epic poem The Song of Hiawatha by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow in 1855. Longfellow never visited the falls in person, but he was inspired by the works of scholars of Native American culture and images of the falls.


#6:Dog Slaughter Falls, KY

One of our favorite Kentucky waterfalls is Dog Slaughter Falls located near Corbin, Kentucky. This trail offers all the fun of a wooded hike with boulders to climb, creeks to cross and cliffs to watch out for.

#7: Havasupai

8: #North Breton Brook, VT

#9: Clifty Falls, IN

#10: Princess Falls, KY

Princess Falls is a beautiful hike in Daniel Boone National Forest in central Kentucky.

Princess Falls

What is your favorite waterfall to enjoy in nature? I’d love to hear!

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  1. I guess you folks have been to Oregon. Mn that are falls all over that beautiful state. Check out Multnomaa Falls its just one of te most beautiful falls I’v ever seen. Reallt nice but there are so man more.

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