Ultimate Guide to Arches National Park

Are you planning a visit to one of the most famous national parks in Utah?  The middle of Utah is an open country that gives you the opportunity to  dream, imagine and put yourself in the history of the old west. It’s almost like stepping through an enchanted window of mystery when you enter Arches National Park. To help you plan your visit to Arches, here are links to help you know what to expect and of course pictures showing you what to imagine!

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Ultimate Guide to Arches National Park

Several years ago my parents traveled to Utah and experienced Arches National Park and many other scenic views.  This picture of my Dad is one of my favorite as it shows the vastness of this open land.

The Arches National Park covers 76,679 acres of land on the Colorado Plateau. Located near Moab, Utah it rises to 4,653 feet at the visitor center, and at the highest elevation 5,673 feet. Being in desert country you may expect temperatures in the low 90’s during hot summer months and cool 50’s in the evenings. In Arches Park the temperature variations are the most dramatic of any of the 5 parks in Utah. Order a map before you arrive!

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Whether you plan on hiking or just driving through to enjoy the views from your vehicle, you need to remember that water is a valuable resource.  Carry water – up to a gallon per person as you visit the park.

Links to Helpful Tips about Arches

Be aware of the wildlife around you.  Though not commonly experienced, mountain lions do call Arches National Park home and should be treated with respect.

There are many scenic Arches throughout the park that are easily seen from a drive-through.  Others may be seen only by hiking along the trails.  Whether you plan to hike out to see them all or just enjoy them from the window of your vehicle, the Arches will not disappoint.

Do you have the America the Beautiful or National Park Pass? You can save money by purchasing a National Park Pass if you plan to visit multiple National Parks throughout the year!

Where to Eat:

  • There are no restaurants at Arches National Park but there are food options nearby.  Check TripAdvisor for a list of restaurants in nearby Moab.
  • Sunset.com has a list of nearby places to eat!

Where to Stay:

  • If you are planning to stay near Arches National Park, most people look for lodging in Moab.
  • There are camping options near the National Park.

Have you ever visited Arches National Park? I’d love to hear your story of your favorite places!

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