Traveling the Boring Roads


Two summers ago my kids discovered some really boring stretches of road. We were traveling from Louisville, KY up toward Indianapolis on I65. We decided to take a side trip (like we often do when we’re out on adventures) and drive over to see the longest covered bridge in the United States. We discovered once again that when traveling the boring roads it takes some creativity to make fun memories.

traveling the boring roads

Traveling the Boring Roads

We drove what seemed like forever through rows and rows of corn fields. We knew we were up to our ears in cornfields when we could honestly sing the song “corn, corn, corn, corn, TREE, corn, corn, corn…..”. There was just nothing to see but corn and more corn. When we finally did find the longest covered bridge in the United States we were a little let-down.

Longest Covered Bridge in the US
Longest Covered Bridge in the US

The bridge was in major disrepair. Hopefully it has been cleaned up and restored by now, but at the time we were not awed by our discovery.

Other Boring Roads in the US

Traveling I66 from Russell Springs, KY toward Bowling Green is another pretty boring stretch of highway. Don’t plan on stopping at lots of rest areas or restaurants along the way. There’s nothing really there. But the best article I’ve read recently about being creative on boring roads has got to be the story of a family traveling through Wyoming across I-80!

Read Michelle’s story about crossing Wyoming on I-80!

Crossing Wyoming on I-80
Crossing Wyoming on I-80

What are the most boring roads in America that you have traveled? I’d love to hear your favorite!

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  1. I love it! I think since I grew up in the middle of corn, corn, corn, I get nostalgic thinking about it and want to be on that road driving, BUT I know my tune would change if I was actually there! Other boring roads I’d add would be almost any stretch through Texas-just because it keeps going and going and going. There’s a lot of ground to cover there!

  2. I love old bridges, but yes, not so fun if it’s boring getting there! Love the picture.

  3. M-28 in Upper Michigan from Seney to Shingleton. 30 miles straight road, through a swamp. Drove it several years ago and there was nothing to break the monotony. Even the roadside ditch never changed. Best place to succumb to highway hypnosis.

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