Souvenir Travel Tip

When you travel, you need a way to remember your trip. Many people like to collect souvenirs from their various vacations and travel destinations. There’s all the typical souvenirs that people collect: coffee mugs, state magnets, snow globes, thimbles or spoons. What are some souvenirs that are unique and original to you? Here’s some ideas for how to remember your travels.

Souvenir Travel Tip

Bumper Stickers

One year while camping, we saw a ‘neighbor’ unload a plastic tote that held all their food supplies. They had decorated it with bumper stickers from all the different places they had stayed. Most parks, tourist places and camp sites have bumper stickers in their gift shop for less than $5.00. What a neat memory keeper they had. Every time they pulled out their food supplies at their camp site or picnic area, they were reminded of all the places they had been.


state magnets

My parents collect all the state shaped magnets from all the states they have visited since they got married 41 years ago. We love magnets too, but we have gone a different direction. When my husband visited New York City, he brought back a magnet from the subway line that he rode while on his trip. Magnets are inexpensive and easily displayed.

Elements of Nature

My son has kept a stick he found when camping in the Smokies 2 years ago. My daughter has several ‘special rocks’ from different hiking trips. They’ve marked the date and location where they found them with a permanent marker. I’m not sure how long they will keep those natural treasures, but they are souvenirs of great value to them. Some people collect sand or shells from their beach adventures and collect them in small baby food jars.

***Make sure you check the rules before you take any thing out of nature. Some places are VERY particular about what you are allowed to remove. There are elements of nature that are ok, and there are others that are completely off limits!

Christmas Oranaments

When we visited the KY HorsePark last winter, we picked up a Christmas ornament. Now every year when we decorate our tree, we can remember our visit.

Souvenir Tips

If you are planning to travel with kids, shop for souvenirs BEFORE you travel.

souvenir tip

Heading to Disneyland? Buy Mickey Mouse, Goofey, and Princess trinkets at your local Dollar Tree. Then tuck them in your suitcase. Each morning you can pull out a surprise gift from Mickey Mouse and have it waiting on their breakfast table. They will have a new gift each morning. This might make it easier to bypass the over-priced souvenir shops.

Don’t forget to check Ebay for the touristy type souvenirs after you visit. You may be able to pick up the Empire State Building or Statue of Liberty figurines for half the price!

What kind of souvenirs to you like to collect? I’d love to hear other ideas for preserving your vacation memories.

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  1. Disclosure time: that’s not my fridge. Mine is much more normal looking. Wish I had been to all those states though 🙂 My fridge is covered with some souvenir magnets and kids art work lol…….We sometimes do the zoo membership too. With all the recipricol zoos – can’t go wrong! Thanks for stopping by!

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