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Toy Museums Around the US

Do you love antique toy and trains? Did you know that there are toy museums around the country that feature the vintage toys that we grew up with! Each of these museums have unique vintage toys and trains ready for you to visit with your family! Whether you are fascinated by old trains, vintage cartoon characters or model cars, these are the places for memories and sharing the toys with the next generation!

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Toy Museums Around the US


  • [tp-poi long=”-84.7260933″ lat=”38.05565569999999″ placeId=”ChIJdf51-AtvQogRqhu9blxLP0o” presentation=”span” durationQty=”” durationUnit=”h” props=”” url=”https://hobbiesonabudget.com/nostalgia-station-toy-train-museum/”]Nostalgia Station Toy Museum, Depot Street, Versailles, KY, USA[/tp-poi]
  • [tp-poi long=”-84.77802759999997″ lat=”37.6500504″ placeId=”ChIJR0mKbX6aQogRUDE8d3YU7XI” presentation=”span” durationQty=”” durationUnit=”h” props=”” url=”https://hobbiesonabudget.com/great-american-dollhouse-museum/”]Great American Dollhouse Museum, Swope Drive, Danville, KY, USA[/tp-poi]
Nostalgia Station Toy & Train Museum Versailles Kentucky


  • [tp-poi long=”-92.00336299999998″ lat=”44.301984″ placeId=”ChIJQWbJGvSx-YcRdCKD1G907wk” presentation=”span” durationQty=”” durationUnit=”h” props=”” url=”https://thewalkingtourists.com/exploring-minnesotas-great-river-road/”]LARK Toys, 170th Avenue, Kellogg, MN, USA[/tp-poi]


  • [tp-poi long=”-93.28766680000001″ lat=”36.646473″ placeId=”ChIJKWbnlJwcz4cRASSaoBb6GLo” presentation=”span” durationQty=”” durationUnit=”h” props=”” url=”https://www.tammileetips.com/visit-worlds-largest-toy-museum-branson-missouri/”]World’s Largest Toy Museum Complex, West 76 Country Boulevard, Branson, MO, USA[/tp-poi]
  • [tp-poi long=”-94.58200490000002″ lat=”39.0307789″ placeId=”ChIJLdcuZ5jvwIcRERbhXcvYbzQ” presentation=”span” durationQty=”” durationUnit=”h” props=”” url=”https://thewalkingtourists.com/become-kid-kansas-citys-toy-miniature-museum/”]The National Museum of Toys and Miniatures, Oak Street, Kansas City, MO, USA[/tp-poi]

New York

  • [tp-poi long=”-77.60087069999997″ lat=”43.1530253″ placeId=”ChIJ8V4sPge11okRpmQC_nR4DQo” presentation=”span” durationQty=”” durationUnit=”h” props=”” url=”https://www.moneywisemoms.com/strong-national-museum-of-play/””]The Strong Museum Of Play, Manhattan Square Drive, Rochester, NY, USA[/tp-poi]


  • [tp-poi long=”-76.15195019999999″ lat=”39.9876514″ placeId=”ChIJNYbzhL45xokRaWTMSNEnMQs” presentation=”span” durationQty=”” durationUnit=”h” props=”” url=”https://seemomclick.com/national-toy-train-museum-lancaster-pa/”]National Toy Train Museum, Paradise Lane, Ronks, PA, USA[/tp-poi]
vermont toy museum

Vermont Toy Museum

  • [tp-poi long=”-72.39778899999999″ lat=”43.63791699999999″ placeId=”ChIJH_UipUfLtEwRN6d3e_CzjfA” presentation=”span” durationQty=”” durationUnit=”h” props=”” url=”http://scrappygeek.com/vermont-toy-museum-quechee-vt/”]Vermont Toy Museum, Woodstock Road, White River Junction, VT, USA[/tp-poi]

Traveling Doc McStuffins Exhibit

  • [tp-poi long=”-86.15806800000001″ lat=”39.768403″ placeId=”ChIJ74PrJbxQa4gRL0yrm-9xD48″ presentation=”span” durationQty=”” durationUnit=”h” props=”” url=”https://mysmall.world/doc-mcstuffins-exhibit-tour/”]Doc Mcstuffin The Exhibit, North Meridian Street, Indianapolis, IN, USA[/tp-poi]
    January 27, 2018 – May 20, 2018 Reading Public Museum – Reading, Pennsylvania
    Summer 2018: Children’s Discovery Museum – San Jose, California
    Fall 2018: Liberty Science Center – Jersey City, New Jersey
    Spring 2019: Strong Museum – Rochester, New York
    Summer 2019: Children’s Museum of Atlanta – Atlanta, Georgia

Have you visited a toy museum?  What is your favorite place to see all the vintage toys and trains from your childhood?  I’d love to hear!

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