50 Spring Break Ideas When You Don’t Want to Travel

I get it! Spring Break is knocking on your door and you’re not quite sure you want to take the big trip that you have been planning all year round. You may be a bit nervous about catching a bug or getting delayed or quarantined on your return flight home so you’re not sure what to do about Spring Break. I love adventures just like you so I put together a list of 50 Spring Break Ideas when you don’t want to travel far from home!

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50 Spring Break Ideas When You Don’t Want to Travel

None of us want to live in fear or change our plans just because there are things happening in the world that we can’t control but sometimes we have no choice. So don’t let life stop just because there are uncertainties around you. Do a Staycation like never before and experience an amazing Spring Break even if you don’t travel halfway around the world!

Be a Tourist in Your City

*Save money on the touristy things by checking Groupon before you buy your tickets! You can often save almost half by purchasing a Groupon! (Affiliate link)

Smart tip: Call your local tourism office and ask them what they suggest for attractions, restaurants and museums. Chances are they may have a local hometown discount they can share with you! They want you to LOVE your local town and will help you plan the best staycation!

State Tourism Office Links

Create a City Scavenger Hunt

There are some really cool city scavenger hunt games that you can pay for but did you know you can create your own photo scavenger hunt very easily using a website called GooseChase? You simply create a free account, set up the details and choose from any of the preset “missions” and you’re ready to go? Of course, you can pay for the upgrade and get more options but I’m really excited to try our first Goose Chase!

Missions can be as simple as “find two black cars parked side by side” for 400 points or “get a stranger to take the picture of your group” for 300 points. You can even make up your own to fit the city you are exploring.

Stay Inside

Go Head to Head

  • Have a Tent Making Contest (see who makes the best indoor fort)
  • Host your Own Dessert Wars/Cake Boss Challenge
  • See Who the LEGOMaster is by hosting a building challenge
  • Crafter Challenge: If you are a crafting Momma, then lay out all your crafting supplies and give everyone an hour to create the most amazing design!
  • Make Pancake Shapes and decorate with all the toppings
  • Build Race Cars for an Epic Race Day

Fun Tip: Make sure you take pictures and give a trophy to the winner! Let your Facebook friends vote for the winners so you can get the adrenalin rush of a high stakes competition)

Learn Something New

Get Outside

101+ FREE Spring Break Ideas

Looking for more specific ideas for Spring Break listed by states? Check out this massive list of 101+ FREE Spring Break ideas!

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