Southern Indiana Local Highlights

We did some traveling through Indiana recently. Since Indiana’s Lincoln slogan is “Here I grew up”, I knew it would be helpful to hear from someone who actually grew up in southern Indiana. Here’s a local friend who has some tips and favorite Southern Indiana local highlights.

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Southern Indiana Local highlights

Southern Indiana is very ‘German.’ You will see many Catholic churches. Within 10 miles of Santa Claus there are two small towns; one has a monastery for women and the other for men. During the summer months you will see signs for their different ‘Germanic’ fests.

The Lincoln Boyhood Home is part of the National Park system. During the summer, they have a living farm where people are ‘living’ as they were when Abe was a boy. They also have a few animals and a garden. You can ask questions (very interactive).

Nedra from Adventure Mom Blog recently took a family tip over to the Lincoln Boyhood Home. You can read about her visit and learn more.

Lincoln Boyhood Home (image used by permission from Adventure Mom Blog
Lincoln Boyhood Home (image used by permission from Adventure Mom Blog)

There is also a Lincoln Boyhood Memorial which is part of the National Park. The Living Farm is free but I believe you have to pay a small admission for the Memorial. There is also a gravesite where Nancy Hanks Lincoln is buried. All of this is on one property and you can get from one point to another by walking a short trail.

Now across the highway is Lincoln State Park. I grew up in this park. When I was a kid, we picnicked there every Sunday after church. Then I worked there for several years as a teenager. This would be a great place to eat lunch. They have a lake with john boats, canoes, and paddleboats for rent. You can swim in the lake but I believe after all the budget cuts it is a ‘swim at your own risk’ place. Probably around 1988 they built an Amphitheater in the park.

Entrance Fees to Lincoln State Park: $5.00 for Indiana State Vehicles; $7.00 for out-of-state Vehicles.

They used to have nightly performances of a play about Lincoln and his life in Indiana. You can (or you used be able to) walk around the Amphitheater. In the park they also have camping and cabin rentals. There are plenty of trails around the park and they also have a nature center (free).

Lincoln City is the size of a dot on a map. There are no large businesses, grocery stores or fast food restaurants. Don’t expect to find food there. There is a place called Buffalo Run (close to the parks). I’ve never been in it, but you can feed buffalo there. I also believe they serve sandwiches.

Now a few miles from Lincoln City is Santa Claus. Holiday World is the main attraction there. But there is also a Lodge, Lake Rudolph Campground, Candy Castle, Museum, Christmas store and a few places to eat (pizza, Subway, etc).

Read more about Santa Claus, Indiana from Nedra at Adventure Mom Blog.

Want to know more about Southern Indiana? Click here for more information about the area.

Yes – I’m biased but I think Southern Indiana is a cool place.

Thanks to Lynn P for sharing some tips from a local Indiana girl!

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  1. I’ve never been to Indiana but it’s on our Midwest bucket list. I follow Santa Claus in Indiana on FB and I really want to go there. Never thought about Lincoln City and never knew southern Indiana is German. Guess it makes sense of course!

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