Site-Singing In Cornelia, GA


At first glance, Cornelia seems like a typical town in Georgia, but it is actually totally worth a stop. They are very proud of their apple festival, so they built an apple statue right beside the train track running through their city. There’s a caboose and a little museum/visitors center that made for a great little stretch break.

Cornelia had two perfect site-singing spots: the railroad tracks and the apple.

The apple statue made me immediately think of the Disney cartoon retelling of the Legend of Johnny Appleseed. I hurried to get my guitar out of the back of our truck to sing the song before it was time to move on to the next stop. I’d never actually played this song before, so my dad held up the lyrics on his phone while I sang. Thanks, Dad!

Just so you know, I am standing on a crosswalk while recording “People Get Ready”. The railroad made for such a cool spot, but I know it looks a little bit dangerous. But we were safe, promise!

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