Site-Singing In Bernheim Forest

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So, my family loves to take little day trips just to get out of routine and see something beautiful. That particular morning, we decided to go back to Bernheim Forest to see the Giants again (and hopefully have pictures with blue skies this time). Then, we found this cool spot and I just knew I had to site-sing there!

I sang the first song that popped into my head that would be fun to do acapella, so here’s a little of the classic “How Great Thou Art.”

Bernheim Forest is criss-crossed with beautiful walking trails. The majority are well-paved and perfect for a stroller or wheelchair. The Giants were a more recent addition and make for fun for the whole family. Their expressive wooden faces awaken the imagination. It’s really not hard to image the Giants stomping through the woods and settling by the lake or under the trees for a nap.

There’s other neat sculptures and gardens that add to this park. Also, don’t miss the visitor center/gift shop.

This is a more commercial park then other’s you’ll find in Kentucky, but when you see this park, that’s really no surprise why. Read more about Bernheim Forest.

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