Site-Singing At Fort Hollingsworth


We pulled over onto the small parking lot of Fort Hollingsworth. There were no sounds except the gentle breeze and the occasional car driving past.

“Are they closed?” my mom asked, putting voice to what we were all thinking as we looked at Fort Hollingsworth. There wasn’t a single other person in sight. Maybe the historic site wasn’t officially open that day, but the gate was open and we knew there was no harm in walking around a bit. I fetched my guitar from the back of the truck and we walked up the small hill to the log cabins.

Fort Hollingsworth is located at 2307 Wynn Lake Rd, Alto, GA 30510 and is right off the road. It was a pioneer fort built in 1793, and is one of the oldest historic sites in the area. This is definitely a great stop on your trip through Georgia! For more information, visit their Facebook page: Fort Hollingsworth White House.

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