See Washington DC by Bus

Are you planning a trip to Washington DC and looking for tips on how to see the city without having to walk 10 miles a day? The Hop On Hop Off Historic Tours Trolley is your best option. You can buy one ticket for the day and ride the trolley all around the Capital to see the monuments and historic sites! Old Town Trolley Tours is a great way to save your feet and still see the city highlights!

See Washington DC by Bus

old town trolley tours

There are 25 stops along the tour, including stops at all the major attractions and monuments. You can just stay on the trolley and enjoy the loop around the city and listen to the live narration along the way. Or you can choose to ride the trolley to each stop and get off and explore. The trolleys come by each of the stops about every 30 minutes. If you miss the trolley, just sit tight and wait for the next one.

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