Road Trips Start in San Jose, CA


We just returned from another one of our epic road trips. We flew to California and took a 13 day, 2,300 mile road trip through California, Arizona and parts of Nevada. Over the next few weeks I will be sharing tips for how to pack, what to do and how to get there. But today I want to give you a quick overview of our trip and show why road trips should start in San Jose, California. Follow along on Instagram stories for all our road trip adventures!

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Road Trips Start in San Jose, CA

Road Trips Start in San Jose, CA

One of the most important decisions to make when planning a multi-state, multi-day family road trip is deciding where to start your journey. We had several national landmarks, cities and locations that we wanted to include in our trip but we weren’t sure exactly where to start the trip. After studying the map and the routes of different airlines, we chose to start our trip in San Jose on Frontier Airlines, pick up the rental van and start the road trip there.

Flying into San Jose, we were perfectly positioned to visit all the places on our road trip itinerary including San Francisco, Jelly Bean Factory, the Sequoia National Forest, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Sedona, Hollywood and the area around Los Angeles.

Things to Know about SJC

Did you know that the San Jose Airport offers nonstop service to more than 50 airports around the country? Since we were traveling as a family of five, one of the things high on our list of important things was keeping our cross country flight affordable and time efficient. We discovered that Frontier Airlines offers non stop flights from Cincinnati. Frontier offered us the opportunity to fly direct which would get us started on our vacation sooner and also stayed within the budget for our travel.

San Jose Airport

One of the first things most people need when they land after a 5 hour flight is restrooms, water and food. The San Jose Airport offers food options for everyone. Whether you are simply looking for a water bottle filling station or are ready for lunch on the go, SJC has you covered.

water bottle filling station

The SJC airport is one of America’s fastest-growing major airports and has a fun way they’re sharing their growth and expansion into new markets. When we arrived in San Jose, we were greeted by some of the airport staff who presented us with our own special rubber duck, Seymour.

Road trip with Seymour

Seymour has been showing up around the world when passengers come through the SJC airport, pick up their rubber duck friend and take him on adventures. Use hashtag #SJCDuck to follow the adventures of Seymour.

Seymour has helped document our vacation for the past 14 days and shown up in some pretty amazing locations. We have had so much fun capturing some of the fun adventures of Seymour the duck on our road trip. Read more of the Tales of Seymour
So where did we go after landing in San Jose?

Jelly Belly Factory

Jelly Belly Factory

Hoover Dam, Nevada

Seymour at Hoover Dam

Grand Canyon, Arizona

Seymour at the Grand Canyon

Hollywood Sign

Hollywood Sign California

Joshua Trees in the Desert

At the Joshua Trees in California

Santa Barbara Beach

Santa Barbara Beach

Sequoia National Forest

Sequoia National Forest

Paramount Ranch, California

Paramount Ranch

How do you decide which airport you should fly into on vacation? Have you ever flown in to a new city so you can use it as a launching point for a family road trip? I’d love to hear your experiences and of course, stay tuned for more adventures of Seymour the SJC duck!

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