Road Trip Ideas in Kentucky

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Are you looking for some easy road trips in Kentucky that don’t require a full week vacation? Have you thought about how many places are within an easy day trip of your hometown? Sometimes we get so focused on the major vacation destinations that we forget or overlook the amazing local destinations that can be reached in just a few hours. Here are some road trip ideas in Kentucky that will teach, entertain and not require a full day’s drive.

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Road Trip Ideas in Kentucky

Check for Historical Significance:

The first thing we do when planning a quick road trip is to look at historical events in the area. Did you know that Daniel Boone is buried in Frankfort, KY? Have you visited Fort Harrod in Harrodsburg? Have you visited the grave of Zachary Taylor, the 12th president of the US?

One of the obvious and often overlooked historical road trips is the Abraham Lincoln connections in our area. Not only is his birthplace cabin in Hodgensville, but there are also about a dozen other places with ties to President Lincoln.

Lincoln Boyhood Home at Knob Creek
Lincoln Boyhood Home at Knob Creek

Just do a quick internet search for the name of the city or area and add the word historical to your search. You might be amazed at what you find.

Visit Covered Bridges:

On hot summer days you may want to get out and explore but not want to leave the comfort of air conditioning. There are several beautiful, historic covered bridges in the central Kentucky area. You can visit the Switzer Bridge near Frankfort, the covered bridge capital in Fleming County or Mt. Zion Covered bridge in Springfield.

Find a waterfall:

Most people are familiar with Cumberland Falls but have you explored the other amazing waterfalls in Kentucky? Yahoo Falls, Dog Slaughter Falls, Eagle Falls, Anglin Falls or Princess Falls? There are many amazing hikes that take you up close and personal with some of the most beautiful sites in the state of Kentucky.

Princess Falls

Find Free Unique Stops:

We love finding public art, murals or sculptures when we travel and Kentucky has some amazing things to see! Have you ever seen the house with no walls in Louisville or the Giants in Bernehim Forest or the Greetings From Mural in Louisville?

Look for a Museum:

Whether you are interested in seeing how the Louisville Slugger makes baseball bats, touring the Corvette Factory & Museum in Bowling Green or seeing how Toyota’s are made in Georgetown, there are many museums that will get you out of the heat. Museums are a great way to learn something new while making great memories.

Corvette Factory & Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky

And don’t forget to look really close to home for some amazing options as well. The Great American Dollhouse Museum is one of the most fascinating places my family has visited in a long time. Go prepared to stay several hours so you can really enjoy the attention to detail and amazing social history told through the story of miniature houses, families and mythical creatures.

Sleep in a Treehouse:

Sometimes a quick road trip can turn into a bonafide vacation just by staying in a hotel, resort or even a treehouse. If you are heading over to western Kentucky, then check out Big Bear Resort where you can rent a lakefront cottage and enjoy the whole Land Between the Lakes experience.

The ultimate place to sleep overnight is in a treehouse!

Pete Nelson Treehouse Adventure

If you are heading to Louisville, then consider staying at the Crowne Plaza Hotel so you are only a few miles from all the downtown museums and right across the street from the Fairgrounds or Kentucky Kingdom.

By staying overnight, you turn a one-day road trip into a full-fledged vacation and you’re still only a few miles from home.

What are your favorite things to do on mini road trips? Got a favorite destination or type of entertainment idea? I’d love to hear!

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