Road Trip Across South Dakota on I-90


Planning a road trip across South Dakota from Rapid City to Sioux Falls?  There are some great travel stops along the highway just waiting to be explored. Join me today as we take a road trip from Rapid City to Sioux Falls!

Rapid City

Spend some time in Rapid City where there are plenty of amazing things to see.  Of course, there is Mount RushmoreCuster State Park, and Needles Highway, but there is also the City of Presidents downtown and Art Alley. Spend your time in Rapid City and explore everything, but then hit the road and discover all there is to see on I-90!

Wall Drug

Drive 1 hour to the famous Wall Drug where you can get a stretch break, enjoy some shopping, stock up on food and use the restroom. Make sure you get your picture with the historic jackalope.

The Badlands

Drive about 10 minutes south of Wall Drug and experience the Badlands. There is a 35-mile loop that will take you through the Badlands but make sure you fill up on gas before you start your trip.

Click here for things you need to know before you visit the Badlands

Minute Man Missile Visitor Center

When you leave the Badlands you will drive 5 minutes and be at the Minuteman Missile Visitor Center. Spend 15 minutes or several hours depending on whether you take a full tour of the silo.

Dignity Statue

Hop back in the car and drive about 2 hours to your next stop at the Dignity Statue. This is more than a rest area. Take some time to stretch, get some pictures and enjoy this 50-foot statue that seeks to honor the cultures of the Lakota and Dakota people.

Corn Palace

No trip across South Dakota is complete without a stop at the World’s Only Corn Palace. Drive about an hour from the Dignity statue and then stop and appreciate this historic attraction.  Built in 1892, this state highlight has been attracting visitors and offering new themes each year. 

Things to Know about the Corn Palace

Falls Park, Sioux Falls

Drive one hour and end your road trip across South Dakota with a trip to the Sioux Falls city park – an amazing place to enjoy cascading waterfalls, picnic, and spend time with your family.

Things to Know: Falls Park

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