Ready to Climb Lombard Street?


Have you ever visited San Francisco? We have toured many United States cities in the past few years but San Francisco probably wins the prize of city with the most hills.  With more than 40 hills in the city, a visit to San Francisco requires some serious climbing.   And of course, one of the highlights of your visit must be Lombard Street.  If you think you are ready for Lombard Street, there are a few things to know to make your experience amazing!  

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Things to Know about Lombard Street

Ready to Climb Lombard Street?

When you visit San Francisco, there are several places that must be on your itinerary.  Fisherman’s Wharf, Alcatraz and of course, the Golden Gate Bridge are some of the things that most people want to see.

It’s a short walk to Lombard Street from Fisherman’s Wharf but be aware that distances are relative in San Francisco thanks to the many steep hills. 

It may be only half a mile, but it is almost all straight up. Definitely doable, but make sure you stop for water and take some breaks to catch your breath! It’s steep!

What to Expect at Lombard Street

Whether you first arrive at the bottom or the top of the curvy section of Lombard Street, you will probably find a crowd gathered to take pictures. On our visit, there was a city officer helping direct traffic as people drove down the street and crossed the intersection.  

Tourists at the bottom of Lombard Street
Lombard Street San Francisco

People had selfie sticks and cameras as they ran out into the intersection trying to get the perfect shot!  Remember that this is a working road and keep safety first, but since the traffic is moving so slowly, there are some opportunities for fun pictures.

Once you are finished with your view from the bottom,  make sure you walk along the steps along the side of the street to the top.  This is quite a steep climb but is filled with amazing views of the floral gardens that line the road.

If you are headed to the Golden Gate Bridge from Lombard Street, you can proceed about half a mile to catch the 28 MUNI City Bus that will take you there. The bus runs along 101 (Lombard Street) and you can pick it up every few minutes on the street. It costs under $3.00 per person to Golden Gate Bridge. If you spend less than 90 minutes at Golden Gate Bridge, then you may be able to use the same ticket to get back to the BART to head back to your hotel.

Take a look at some of the things you can see when you visit San Francisco. 

Have you ever visited San Francisco?  What is your favorite landmark that you got to see?  I’d love to hear!

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