Why we Love Portsmouth NH


Have you ever been on a vacation and ended up finding an absolute jewel? That’s what happened when we took our 2600 Mile Road Trip this summer. We weren’t sure what to expect when we planned a stop in Portsmouth, New Hampshire but we loved our visit! If you are looking for a quaint little city with plenty of character, beauty and places to explore, Portsmouth NH just may be your new favorite destination!

Why we Love Portsmouth, NH

Why we Love Portsmouth NH

We arrived in Portsmouth just in time for supper! We had traveled many miles and explored so much before arriving in Portsmouth. We checked into our hotel, asked for recommendations for dinner and headed down to Merchant’s Row to find the perfect restaurant right on the edge of Portsmouth’s old harbor! We parked a few blocks away from the harbor and started walking toward the water looking for the perfect place to eat.

Welocme to Portsmouth New Hampshire

On the way we discovered the historic home of William Whipple, one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence. Now that’s not something we run across on a family night out to eat in Kentucky.

William Whipple Home

We decided to eat supper at The Oar House, located right on the harbor. We arrived just in time to enjoy dinner and a beautiful sunset across the water. The food was delicious, the service was excellent and the view was amazing!

You can choose to eat inside the restaurant or out on the waterfront but for us on this beautiful summer night, there was no choice. We wanted to sit outside on the waters edge.

The Oarhouse Portsmouth NH

the Oar House Restaurant



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And of course, we couldn’t pass up the chance to take lots of pictures!




The Oarhouse Portsmouth NH

What’s the best thing to do after enjoying a delicious meal along the waterfront? A walk through the downtown area, of course! It was late enough that most of the little shops were closed, but that didn’t stop us from enjoying the atmosphere and doing a little window shopping. There were lots of others out enjoying the evening and atmosphere as well.






Portsmouth, NH

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Have you ever visited Portsmouth, New Hampshire? Got a favorite restaurant? I know this was one of our favorite stops on our road trip and we can’t wait to visit again!

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  1. it is starling how exquisitely good Portsmouth looks through the eyes of a discoverer instead of a resident! I lived and worked there for 10 years, but I seldom appreciated its charm as much as you do and asmuch as I should have. Your observations are right on the money. Portsmouth IS a jewel of a city and very much worth exploring.The spectrum of fine restaurants in the area is very broad, and cultural offerings are a by-word. I heartily endorse what you say

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