How to Pick the perfect Travel Bag

Picking out the perfect travel bag can be a daunting task. Here are some tips to make it easier. Hobbies on a Budget received samples or product for this post. All opinions are my own. No monetary compensation was received.

How to pick the perfect travel bag

How to Pick the perfect Travel Bag

Finding the perfect travel bag is not always an easy assignment. There’s not one bag that will work for every single travel situation. Make sure you ask these questions before you pack for your next adventure!

What will you be carrying?

The bag you carry needs to be big enough to carry what you need but nothing extra. Are you carrying a laptop? wallet? Kindle reader? phone chargers? Think about what needs to fit and then pick a bag with enough pockets to accomodate.

Does it need to match?

Are you going somewhere dressy or will you be in casual situations? Do you need a dressy black purse or can you stick with something versatile?

Can it travel well?

When I travel, I often carry an oversize purse through the airport but I want something small and compact for everyday work and adventures. I typically pack a crossbody satchel or purse in my suitcase that can lie flat and be switched out when I arrive.

Once you know what your needs are, here are three options that will cover any situations that come up on your next trip.


On our recent trip to New York City, my daughter needed a backpack style bag that would give her more room than her purse, but not take up as much space as a typical backpack. This Kelty Sling was the perfect size for the chargers, camera, kindle reader, and snacks. The sling is small and lightweight with padded shoulder pads for comfort.

The Versant collection adds a dash of style to Kelty’s historic function and performance. This super comfortable sling melds to the body with style, plus external webbing offers compression and/or storage of a jacket or camp chair on the outside. We have equal love for lefties and righties, so the sling is ambidextrous carry with stowable stabilizer strap and easy main compartment access. Water-resistant fabric, reflective logos, and a blinking light attachment point keep you cruising around town in style. Versant: Built for Life.

kelty sling in cvg airport

The Kelty Sling is smaller than a traditional backpack, making it the perfect carry on for plane travel as well as city exploring. There are inside zip pockets as well as the outside zipper pocket.

Kelty Sling

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Crossbody Purse

When it’s time to explore and you don’t need a backpack, but you need to carry some items, a cross body purse is my favorite option. I used this simple Mountain Khakis Pearl Street Crossbody satchel that kept the essentials close without alot of extras.

crossbody purse for travel

For the gal on the go, sometimes all you need are the essentials – and this satchel gets that. Leather reinforcements. Imported.

Oversize Purse

When I am walking through the airport or heading on a work trip, I need to keep my computer in easy reach. Some people like to carry a laptop bag or backpack, but I prefer an oversize purse that gives me easy access to my electronics. So for my big commutes, I prefer this purse. It can hold my wallet, phone, laptop and battery charger.

What is your personal favorite bag when you travel? I’d love to hear what you love to carry!

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