Pennsylvania Roadside Giants


Recently we were driving along Lincoln Highway in Pennsylvania. We had just left James Buchanan’s Birthplace and were heading to Gettysburg when we saw this huge truck over on the side of the road. We made a quick u-turn and turned back so we could stop and get a picture with this Roadside Giant.

Roadside Giants: Lincoln Highway

The Roadside Giants of Lincoln Highway are a series of five oversize sculptures that have been designed and created by local groups and organizations and spaced all along the 200 miles stretch of Lincoln Highway. We stopped and got our picture with this one of the pieces along the route.

While we were taking a picture, a local resident stopped to see if we wanted him to take a family picture. I’m guessing this must be a common sight to see tourist pulling over to get their picture with this cool roadside attraction.


During early Lincoln Highway days, business owners were intrigued with all the automobiles traveling the Lincoln Highway. In an effort to capture the business of these new motorists, some entrepreneurs created larger-than-life buildings in quirky shapes. Structures like Bedford’s 2 ½ story Coffee Pot, or the Shoe House in York are great examples of Roadside Giants of the Lincoln Highway.


Giant Quarter

If you keep driving along Lincoln Highway, you can find the oversized quarter and get your picture by this sculpture.

Giant Quarter - Roadside Giants on Lincoln highway

Have you driven the Lincoln Highway and stopped for pictures of each of these Roadside Giants?

What is the most fun thing you have seen on your road trips? Keep your eyes open while you are traveling and make sure you pull over to take a picture!

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