PappaJohn Sculpture Park – Des Moines Iowa


Sometimes you find some pretty amazing places when you get to a new city. Last fall we were on a road trip in Iowa and found ourselves with some extra time to explore. We decided to drive downtown to check out the John & Mary Pappajohn Sculpture Park in downtown Des Moines. The Sculpture Park is part of the Des Moines Art Center and is open to the public.

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PappaJohn Sculpture Park - Des Moines Iowa

PappaJohn Sculpture Park – Des Moines Iowa

We love exploring art museums and have discovered other pieces of outside sculpture as a family but this Sculpture Park in Des Moines was our largest so far. We loved seeing it after dark, but now we want to go back when the skies are blue and the sun is shining!

Pappajohn Sculpture Park Des Moines Iowa

The 4.4 acre park, located within a major crossroads of the urban grid, creates a pedestrian-friendly entryway to downtown Des Moines. This accessible setting, coupled with the skilled landscape design and caliber of the art, makes it unlike any other sculpture park in the United States. The Pappajohns’ contribution of 28 works for the park is the most significant donation of artwork ever made to the Des Moines Art Center.

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1330 Grand Avenue
Des Moines, IA

The sculpture park is open during city park hours, which are sunrise to midnight.

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