What to See at the NYC Public Library


One of the highlights of any New York City Walking Tour is the NYC Public Library. This is one of the many free things to see and experience in the big apple.  Are you going to be one of the 18 million patrons from more than 200 countries who come through its doors each year?

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what to see at the NYC Public Library

What to see at the New York Public Library

While we were in New York City we saw many street musicians and performers. The entrance to the NY Public Library gave us the chance to enjoy some people watching!

NYC Public Library
NYC public library natalie

Be amazed by the spectacular interior design of the New York City Public Library as well as view some classic pieces of literature and history.

NYC Public Library

Gutenburg Bible

The opportunity to see one of the remaining original copies of the Gutenburg Bible was an amazing experience.

There were possibly 180 copies of the Gutenberg Bible originally produced. Of these, only 48 copies survive. This paper copy is the first Gutenberg Bible to come to the United States, in 1847

New York Public Library Gutenburg Bible

Manuscripts and First Editions

As you tour the NYC Public Library be on the lookout for some first edition, rare manuscripts and books.

NYC Public LIbrary Shakespearre

PL Travers

If you are a fan of Mary Poppins, you won’t want to miss the PL Travers exhibit in the Children’s Library!

  • Travers’s umbrella, which inspired the magical umbrella Mary Poppins uses to fly.
  • A Dutch wooden doll belonging to Travers — illustrator Mary Shepard’s model for the beloved nanny.
  • ‘N is for Nursery,’ a pen and ink illustration for Mary Poppins from A to Z (1962) by Shepard.
NYC Public Library PL TRAVERS

While we were there, the Children’s Library was in full swing with story time and children’s activities going on.

NYC Public Library Kids Room

NYC public library research

Have you ever been to the NYC Public Library? I’d love to hear your favorite part of this historical landmark!

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