New York City Tour

Have you been to New York City? Are you ready for a New York City Walking Tour? Have you been thinking about visiting Manhattan? My daughter and I had the opportunity to take an amazing mother-daughter trip to New York City last year! We’re ready to share our tips (and tons of pictures) from our 2 day adventure in the Big Apple.

New York City Tour

new york city time square

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  1. I love NYC and any post about it. I could never live there but visiting is something every person must do!

  2. I have been to NYC many times (my dad use to work there). I love the hustle and the bustles of the city and MAN do you have a choice of restaurants. There is stuff there that you will NEVER seen anywhere else. I think everyone needs at lease 1 visit to NYC.

  3. I live in NY and so I’m always curious to see how visitors view our fabulous state and city. I could yak about NY for hours, I love it.

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