Murals in Franklin KY – Simpson County


One of the best parts of travel is the opportunity to see unexpected things. Finding public art, historical landmarks or murals along floodwalls is always a highlight. If you are traveling through Simpson County, Kentucky off I-65 at Exit 2, you will find eight detailed, realistic murals painted on a 200-foot long highway retaining wall right beside the Simpson County Tourism Office & Welcome Center.

Life-Sized Outdoor Murals – franklin ky

These life-size murals show the history of Simpson County over the past 200 years. You can follow the theme of how transportation has changed from horse-drawn carriages to train locomotives, mules, farm wagons, automobiles, pickup trucks, school buses, tractor-trailers, and recreational vehicles.

Location: 81 Steel Road (Just off I-65 at Exit 2)

Start at one end and move chronologically through the seasons from winter to fall.

  • Mural 1: “Duel at sunrise” 1819-1850
  • Mural 2: War clouds” 1850-1875
  • Mural 2A: “Frontier Portraits” 
  • Mural 3: “Bringing in the sheaves” 1875-1900
  • Mural 4: High Noon – The Courthouse” 1900-1925
  • Mural 5: Mule Day Afternoon”  1925-1950
  • Mural 6: “School Days, School Days” 1950-2000
  • Mural 7: “Drive-time” 1950-2000
  • Mural 8: “Riding off into the Sunset” 2000 and Beyond

Thanks to Ritchie Hale for taking the pictures and sharing this great place to enjoy public art!

How to find Street Art

Ready to find street art and public murals near you? Check out these tips and ideas!

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