Direction Signs Around the USA

Hobbies and Collections don’t really have a rhyme or reason. One day, you just wake up and realize that you have a new fascination. That’s me with directional mileage sign. A few years ago, I took a picture of one and then another. Now I’m always on the lookout for these signs. I love the idea of people creating these signs to show where they are in relation to the places that interest them.

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Directional Signs Around the USA

We were recently in Navarre Beach, Florida and my husband spotted this directional sign in front of some beach houses. The creator of this sign has also included some fun little decorations to celebrate their favorite places.

Columbia, Kentucky has a fun directional sign right outside their courthouse on the square. I had driven past this sign hundreds of time and finally stopped to take a picture this past spring.

You find these mileage signs on military bases where they signify how far each of the soldiers and servicemen and women are from home. This reconstructed sign at the Dayton National Museum of the US Air Force reminds us of the cross-section of people who served in our military and the places they call home.

Dayton USAF Museum
Dayton USAF Museum

When we were hiking in California out to the M*A*S*H movie site, we found this mileage sign. It was a hot June day but well worth the hike! This sign was a recreation of the iconic prop used in the M*A*S*H TV show.

We found this mileage sign when we were driving on Route 66 through the middle of Arizona. If you are in the area near Seligman, you definitely should take the time to explore!

On another trip through Crossville, Tennessee on the way to visit family, my husband spotted this mileage sign in front of the local courthouse. There was no way we weren’t going to stop and let me snap a picture!

Crossville, Tennessee
Crossville, Tennessee

Another time we were visiting Norris Dam State Park and found this mileage sign. We were looking for the old grist mill and pulled in to the visitor center when I looked over and spotted this sign! It looks like it has been there for quite a while and I absolutely loved it!

Out in Sedona, Arizona right next to Pink Jeep Tours, we found this direction sign.

A few months ago I made my own directional sign for our backyard. Have you thought about making your own yard decoration? Take a look at these directions.

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