LOVE Sculptures around the US


Have you seen LOVE Sculptures around the country? Some of them are by American artist Robert Indiana and some are art installations by other creators. These sculptures are scattered around the country and make for some great photo opportunities. Have you taken any pictures with these iconic LOVE sculptures? Take a look at these that I’ve found and then share where else you have seen them on your travels!

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LOVE Sculptures around the US

When Natalie and I were in New York City, we found this classic LOVE Sculpture near our hotel. It was such a fun mother-daughter weekend trip and we saw so many things. Heading to New York City? Take a look at these tips for how to take your own FREE walking tour of New York City.

LOVE sculpture New York

LOVE is a pop art image by American artist Robert Indiana. It consists of the letters LO over the letters VE; the O is canted sideways so that its oblong negative space creates a line leading to the V. The original image, with green and blue spaces backing red lettering, served as a print image for a Museum of Modern Art Christmas card in 1964. ~ Wikipedia

If you are in the Northwest Arkansas area, you can see another LOVE sculpture at the Crystal Bridges Museum of Art. It’s free to walk around the gardens but there is a fee to go inside and see the exhibits.

Crystal Bridges LOVE Sculpture

Virginia LOVE

“Virginia is for Lovers” has been Virginia’s state slogan since 1969 so it makes sense that the word would be found in various art forms across the state. There are more than 150 LOVE art exhibits in the state of Virginia.

Here is the word spelled out in the Visitors Center at Colonial Williamsburg.

The city of Wytheville has this LOVE sculpture right outside Withers Park.

Where can you find the LOVE sculptures around the United States? Check out this list on Wikipedia.

Have you seen any of these LOVE sculptures? I’d love to see them!

Love finding outdoor sculptures? The PappaJohn Sculpture Park in Des Moines is a definite must-see if you are in central Iowa!

Sculpture Garden Des Moines Iowa
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