How to Keep your Kids Engaged at an Art Museum


When is the last time you visited an art museum with your family? We’ve taken the kids to several art museums over the years and each time it’s a brand new experience. Recently we revisited the Speed Art Musuem in Louisville and see the latest updates. Not sure if your kids are ready for an art museum? Take a look at these tips to keep your kids engaged on your next visit!

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How to Keep your Kids Engaged at an Art Museum

Visiting an art museum is not something that is on the minds of many parents. It can seem a bit daunting to try to explore the galleries with kids. But with a little bit of planning and preparation, it can be a great experience.

Check for free admission

The Speed Art Museum offers Free Sundays! Talk about a deal! This is a great way to check out the art exhibits without making a dent in your wallet! Not near Louisville? Check your local art museum and see if they offer a similar program.

Imitate the Art

Yes, art is serious business. There are techniques, masters, different mediums, historical significance, and countless other things to consider when studying works of art. Some of these pieces are priceless works of art that have been carefully preserved for hundreds of years. But, that doesn’t mean it’s not ok to have a little fun when you and the family are viewing the pieces.

Is the subject of the paiting sporting a serious look into space? Crossing their arms? Have your child imitate the pose of the painting and take a quick picture. Of course, do this with tact and consideration for others. You never want to be disruptive, touch the art work or do anything that is disrespectful.

Check for Scavenger Hunts

Some art museums offer scavenger hunt forms at the visitors desk when you arrive. This is a great way to help the kids stay focused during your tour.

Don’t Start the Tour Hungry

It’s going to take some time to get through an entire art museum and you typically can’t take food and drinks in with you, so make sure you eat before you arrive. There’s nothing worse than stomach growling when you are only halfway through the museum.

Take the Time to Study

Some art pieces just demand more time to study the details. I am no painter and can’t draw anything recognizable, so I am always amazed at the realistic detail of the great art works. Don’t rush through the galleries. When something catches your attention, stop and think about the backstory and why each piece speaks to you.

One of the neat things about the art work at Speed is the placards beside each piece telling some of the backstory and pointing out things that you might overlook.

Check Camera Policy

The first thing I do when I enter any museum is ask about the camera policy. Many museums have strict guardrails on what you can and cannot take pictures of. Speed Art encourages use of cameras (but no flash). There are signs throughout the museum telling you exactly what you can and cannot take a picture of. They even have a hashtag to use when you share! #YourSpeed

Go to the Kids Section

Many museums have special areas designed for hands on learning and exploring. At Speed Art Museum, the Art Sparks Gallery is a great place to relax and learn about art in a more hands on way. Plan to spend some time in the kids section so you can have some family fun!

Do you have a budding artist in your family? Now’s a great time to take them to an art museum and then make sure you have all the art supplies on hand to encourage their creativity.

Art supplies make great gift ideas! colored pencils, Posable Mannequins and are affordable options that will help take your new artists to the next level.

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Have you visited the Speed Art Museum? What’s your favorite part of taking your family to an art museum? I’d love to hear!

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