Journey to 50 States

Are you a traveler?  Do you love the open road and the opportunity to explore new areas and make memories with your family?  I was born with the travel bug; I get it quite naturally from my parents and grandparents and we are making sure our kids have the chance to experience the world around them by doing as much travel as possible.  We have been on a journey to visit all 50 states and are making some great progress. Here are some easy tips to help you on your quest to visit all 50 states and complete this bucket list item.

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Journey to 50 States 

Traveling is an addictive thing! This is one of my favorite pictures from last year with me, my Mom and my Grandma planning our next road trip. Mom and Dad are currently at 49 and Grandma got to all 50 states!

trip planning mom sharon grandma

Check Your Current Status

Take a minute right now and count up how many states you have already visited.  Use this quick printable check list to check your current status. You might be surprised to find that you have visited more than you realized.  **Leave a comment below and tell me where you are!  

What counts:  In order to count a state we must set foot in the state. If you drive through the state on the way to another destination, it still counts! But it doesn’t count if you fly over a state in an airplane.

On our most recent road trip, our family got to check off several more states! It’s hard to get pics of the welcome signs when you are traveling on the interestate, but when we cross a state line on the backroads, we definitely stop and get our tourist picture!  

Plan your Next Road Trip

Now that you know how many states you have visited, it’s time to plan your next trip.  Look at the map and see where you need to go next. Do you have a long weekend or some vacation time coming up? Can you head out on a road trip and check off a new state?  Our family tries hard to include at least one new state on each vacation. We are getting to the point where it will be little more difficult to check off the last states, but we are already dreaming!

Display your Progress

We have two different maps that we display in our home that show our travel progress. This one on reclaimed wood hangs in our living room and shows the states we have visited. Each member of the family has a different color map pin that we can add when we check off a new state.

Current State Count:

  • Sharon – 44
  • Shannon – 39
  • 3 Kids – 38

We also have a scratch off map that we keep current after each new state.

How many states have you visited? Have you got this goal on your bucket list? How do you display your progress? I’d love to hear where you are!

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