International Friendship Park – Cincinnati

International Friendship Park

My Mom and Dad have been exploring their local backyard area of Cincinnati, Ohio. They recently discovered this beautiful city park – International Friendship Park. You can take a walk around the world – visit Australia, sit on Story Rock, or lean on a boulder in Africa.

Theodore M. Berry International Friendship Park

The Theodore M. Berry International Friendship Park, completed in 2003 along the Ohio River just east of downtown, is a sumptuous and award-winning display of sculpture and flora representing five continents and also featuring a riverside bike trail and walking paths.

Named for Cincinnati’s first African-American mayor, it serves as a lasting tribute to world unity and global understanding. The grand design of the park drew its inspiration in part from a child’s friendship bracelet. Two intertwining walkways guide park visitors through gardens of the continents in a perpetual celebration of international peace and friendship.

International Friendship Park
International Friendship Park

This is the kind of place you want to go back every season. The daffodils are in full bloom right now, but if you wait a few weeks, you will see a whole new grouping of flowers and beautiful foliage.

International Friendship Park

About the Park

There are restroom facilities, picnic pavilions, hiking and biking trails as well as beautiful scenic views.

Have you visited the International Friendship Park? Got a favorite time of year to visit? I’d love to hear!

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