How to find Lick Creek Falls

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We love getting out to explore hiking trails and find beautiful waterfalls. Typically we don’t have a hard time finding the waterfalls; we just do a little research and then hit the trails. But we did have a bit of trouble finding Lick Creek Falls. It took us two different tries and a 3 mile wrong way side trip before we found some helpful backpackers who showed us where to go. Since this is such a gorgeous hike, I want to help you find it the first try. So here’s how to find Lick Creek Falls with step by step pictures and directions. I think you’re going to love this hike as much as we did!

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How to find Lick Creek Falls

Lick Creek Falls can be accessed from two different trailheads. We started our trail at the top of Princess Falls from the Yamacraw Bridge day use area. If you need details directions for how to find Princess Falls, just click here or on the picture.

Once you have finished enjoyed the beauty of Princess Falls and gotten a little snack at the top of the Falls, then you are ready to begin your hike out to Lick Creek Falls. It’s about 2 miles and takes approximately one hour to get out to the base of Lick Creek Falls.

You take the trail to Lick Creek Falls from the top of Princess Falls. Just go up to the overlook and then take the trail that starts at the top.

Looking over Princess Falls

You will follow the white diamond markings on the trees for this trail.

Trail to Princess Falls – Follow the White Diamonds

This trail will have you cross Lick Creek about 5 times. Each of the crossings is easy to follow and has obvious places to cross. You will see the trail marker sign at one of the crossings as well.

Don’t rush through this hike. The views of Lick Creek all along the way are gorgeous and worth the time to stop and enjoy!

Lick Creek

I won’t lie. When we finally saw the first sign telling us that we were actually heading to Lick Creek Falls, it was a good feeling. It just feels better when you see proof that you are on the right trail, right?

Lick Creek Falls

As you get closer to the actual Falls, you will see some magnificent rock croppings and beautiful flowers. It was pretty muddy on the path up and behind the Falls, but it’s gorgeous and worth the trip.

Fern bed behind Lick Creek Falls
Lick Creek Falls

The green pool of water at the base of the Falls with the green ferns and the big rock boulders …. pictures from my phone just don’t do it justice! When you go on this hike, make sure you take pictures so I can enjoy it from your perspective too!

Lick Creek Falls
Lick Creek Falls

Have you ever been on this hike? I’d love to know what the trail is like from the other trailhead. We’ll check that one out next time!

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  1. This is a great hike. If you go in from Whitley City or continue past the falls, there is a fabulous rock canyon!

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