How to Enjoy a No Contact Road Trip


Many people are starting to plan road trips again. But how do we travel with so many uncertainties, fears, and unknowns? It is possible to take a road trip in 2021, make memories and stay safe at the same time. Here are some tips to help you enjoy and experience a safe no-contact road trip.

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How to Enjoy a No Contact Road Trip

Reset Expectations

Road Trips in 2021 are not going to look the same as a road trip you took in the past. Museums may still be closed or operating on limited hours; restaurants may or may not be open to dining in and may only offer takeout service. Amusement parks and city transportation may not be options for this year. But that does not mean that your road trip is going to be a bust. You just have to reset your expectations and come to understand that different isn’t bad, it’s just different.

A no contact, social distancing road trip is not something to dread; instead, it is an opportunity to create memories and experiences like never before.

Embrace Small Towns

On a socially distant road trip, you may end up skipping the big cities and focusing on small-town adventures. In small cities, it is easier to find city parks, memorial statues, or roadside attractions. There are fewer cars and people and reduced chances of getting involved in any traffic or crowds.

Remember to be considerate of others when you are driving through small towns.

  • Wash your hands
  • Use hand sanitizer

Pack a Picnic Lunch

Physically distant, no-contact road trips are the perfect opportunity to pack a picnic lunch. There are picnic tables all over the United States. Whether you stop at a rest area, visitors center, historical monument, or small city park, you can find picnic areas everywhere. Stock up on all your lunch food before you leave home and you will be ready to eat across America.

Hint: Remember to buy a bag of ice when you fill-up the gas tank so your sandwich meat, mustard and mayo will stay cool!

Travel Responsibly Without Fear

One thing that many travelers are dealing with right now is fear. One way to minimize this is to designate a friend or family member back home who can keep an ear to current events so you can turn off social media and unplug from the news while you are on the road. If things take a turn for the worse and you need to return home quicker than expected, they can contact you. This will allow you to make memories and live in the moment while you are traveling.

One of our favorite music groups sings a song that has been on loop in my head for the past few weeks:

Memories are made up of moments like this
The choices we make and the chances we miss
One day the memories are all that there is
So how do you wanna remember this?

Home Free bass singer Tim Foust co-wrote the song with Donnie Reis, Arlis Albritton and Chris Chatham.  Home Free Bring Fans’ Memories to Life in ‘Remember This’ Video 

Road trips should be enjoyed in the moment. Take lots of pictures and be present. The memories you make on these vacations will last forever. Sure, it’s a little different in 2021 than what we’re used to, but don’t miss out on the opportunity to travel and make memories with your family! Time won’t stop just because of uncertainties in the world. Just take some extra precautions and build memories!

Looking for tips to stay safe while traveling? Check out these common sense reminders!

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