How to Create a Virtual Travel Themed Winter Party

You don’t have to be around our family long to know that we often get the travel bug and have to hit the road. But with winter and current conditions in the country, it’s not nearly as easy or feasible to take a trip. That’s when it’s time to get creative and host a virtual travel themed winter party. Here’s some simple ways to satisfy the urge to travel with your extended family and friends without leaving your driveway.

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How to Create a Virtual Travel Themed Winter Party

Get Prepared

Have everyone pick a city and get ready to show off their home town. Encourage them to look through their personal photos and find the coolest off-the-beaten-path things to see and experience.

Need ideas to help find these secret attractions in their home city? Send them a travel gift book to inspire them!

Each of these books takes you behind the major attractions and helps you find the secret or lesser know places that you absolutely must discover and explore. Pick the book of the city nearest you and get on the inside track to all the best spots, from popular to obscure and plan your next adventure for when you get to hop in the car.

Tip: These are also great books to drop in a Christmas stocking or use for the workplace gift exchange!

Pick a Night & Time

Have everyone email their best available time and schedule the virtual travel themed party or use an app like When Available to coordinate everyone’s schedule.

Plan Snacks

It might not be feasible to serve cookies and chips to your guests when you are doing a virtual hangout, but you can still bring your own favorite drinks and snacks. Or take it up a notch and have everyone share their favorite travel snack recipe!

Host a Competition

Have everyone submit their favorite travel themed photos using a simple Google form. Then share them with all your party guests and have everyone vote for their favorite or keep it simple and just share the stories from each of the submissions.

You can use an app like PollUnit to simplify the voting/ranking process. There is a free version that allows you to use a limited number of photos.

Take Online Quizzes

There are many online quizzes to choose from to use in your virtual travel themed party. Share the links and have your guests complete them on their own or do them as a group and talk through your answers.

Provide Party Gifts

Get Crafty

If you have a Cricut and feel crafty, then why not create a quick travel themed glass or mug? You can use vinyl to craft a phrase or logo to stick to your favorite water glass.

I love this water glass that reminds me that I may not be taking a road trip today, but I can still dream, and connect with family and friends talking about our travel memories and plans!!

True, travel may be a little more challening right now, but there are still so many ways to really embrace our inner travel bug and explore the world. Let’s get creative and find ways to make memories! Have you ever thought about hosting a virtual travel themed party? I’d love to hear what you think!

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