How to Celebrate Travel When You Can’t Leave Home

How do you bring the excitement of a road trip or adventure to your home when you can’t travel? In this world where we are all practicing physical distancing, we have to get creative! If you have the travel bug, but you’re doing your part to flatten the curve by staying home, then I have some ideas to help you enjoy the excitement of travel without leaving the house.

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How to Celebrate Travel When You Can’t Leave Home

There’s just nothing quite like the excitement of planning a trip. But there are ways to enjoy travel adventures from your own living room. One of my favorite pictures of my Grandma, Mom and I was taken a few years ago when the three of us were planning our next road trip. We sat there for hours talking about all the places we wanted to go and reliving the memories of where we had been. Even though Grandma couldn’t take off right then on a massive road trip, she still loved to talk about travel adventures!

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Yum Box

One of the fun parts of any vacation is experiencing new foods. We love to check out local food and restaurant options when we are traveling. Last summer in South Dakota, we discovered chislic and that is now on regular rotation in our home! Bring home the flavors from around the world with the Universal Yum’s Box! We had the opportunity to try one last Christmas and loved all the tasty treats from around the world!

Hand crafted by Universal Yums experts, each box is filled with a variety of popular holiday snacks and treats sourced from 13 countries including Spain, Japan, Italy, and more! To paint a tasty picture, options range from Koestlin Saltas Garlic (Pretzel Sticks with Garlic Flavored Filling) to Snackgold Raspberry Potato Chips (Raspberry Flavored Potato Chips).

 Universal Yum’s Box  

You can purchase this as a one time gift or sign up for a 3-month subscription and help tide you over till Spring when you can start traveling again!

Travel Map

One of my favorite home decorations are my travel maps. I have a barn-wood United States map where we track our state travels with push pins. In another room, I have a scratch-off map that shows where we have been and where we need to visit next.

When the trees are bare and the snow piles up, these travel maps remind me of the adventures that we have taken each year.

Make a Keychain

Do you have a Cricut machine? If you do, then you can easily create a travel keychain that will remind you of your travels every time you pick up your keys.

Decorate a Travel Tree

When you go on vacation, consider picking up Christmas ornaments from the places you visit. Then each winter, you can decorate a special Christmas tree with souvenir ornaments.

Dress Like a Traveler

Show off your love for travel even when you are sitting around at home with map socks, souvenir t-shirts or travel charms.

Work a Travel Puzzle

When you can’t travel, then work a puzzle that celebrates travel! There are some great puzzles for all skill levels that use maps, license plates and postcards to create fun travel pictures!

How do you celebrate travel when you can’t leave home? Got any great tips or ideas? I’d love to hear!

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