What to Expect at the Hollywood Wax Museum

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Where can you get pictures with celebrities like Harrison Ford, Audrey Hepburn or King Kong in East Tennessee? If you are in Pigeon Forge, you can tour the Hollywood Wax Museum and hang out with all the greats. Sure, they may be made of wax, but they are so lifelike that you can honestly feel like you are getting your picture with the real thing. If you are planning a visit, you will want to know what to expect at the Hollywood Wax Museum.

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What to Expect at the Hollywood Wax Museum

The first decision you will need to make when you visit the Hollywood Wax Museum is whether you want the All Access Pass or just the ticket to the Hollywood Wax Museum. What does it include? By upgrading to the All Access Pass, you get to go to all 4 of the Attractions, the Hollywood Wax Museum, Castle of Chaos, Outbreak, & Hannah’s Maze of Mirrors plus the opportunity to go to the roof and be up close to King Kong!



We did the full All Access Pass and got to enjoy it all! You receive special instructions on how to go to the roof and enjoy the view of the Smoky Mountains.




Hollywood Wax Museum

You follow the stars through the museum and can take your picture will all the stars of yesteryear as well as today’s most famous actors, actresses and musicians. There are even props at some of the exhibits so you can step into character.






Depending on the crowd, you could easily waltz through the Wax Museum in a little less than an hour or you could spend a lot longer and take your picture with each figure. Just make sure you have your phone or camera battery charged and your card empty so you can take lots of pictures. At many of the figures, there are props to help you get into character like hats, jackets, canes, or guitar.



One unexpected thing that we enjoyed at the Wax Museum was the opportunity to share stories with our kids of each of the figures. When they didn’t recognize Charlie Chaplin we got to talk about silent movies. And of course there were some characters that the kids recognized that I wasn’t familiar with. It was fun hearing the different perspectives from each member of the family as we walked through the Wax Museum.



Once you finish your visit at the Hollywood Wax Museum if you have purchased the additional tickets, you can go over to the 2nd building and do the remaining exhibits.


The kids and I loved Hannah’s Maze of Mirrors. Well, maybe I should come clean. I was actually quite intimidated by the maze of mirrors but the kids loved it so much that we ended up passing on the Castle of Chaos tour and did the mirrors maze twice. When you purchase the full tickets, you can pick and choose which of the remaining attractions you want to go through. You just have to remember how many times you have scanned your ticket in the 2nd building.


You will be given plastic gloves to wear in the Maze of Mirrors since you will need to touch the mirrors to help navigate your way through the maze.

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Have you visited the Hollywood Wax Museum? What is your favorite celebrity you would like to have your picture taken with? I’d love to hear!

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  1. This looks like great family time. It is so much fun to see you and your family enjoying the realistic-looking figures. I particularly like the picture of Natalie playing the piano for Frank Sinatra. Great family fun! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I have never been to a wax museum! I really enjoyed your photos and synopsis! Wax Museum fun is now on my bucket list!!!

  3. This definitely looks like a fun place to take the whole family! I know they would all love seeing all of the wax sculptures, they are amazing!

  4. Oh gosh.. I’d love to visit!!!! My favorite picture you shared is the one with Forrest Gump… lol My 14 year old son quotes that movie constantly so I’ve grown to love it;) Thank you for sharing all of these amazing pictures!

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