Hiking Eagle Falls: Corbin, Kentucky

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Many people have visited Cumberland Falls many times, but what about Eagle Falls?   What an amazing place! Have you taken this hike? It’s not a long trail, but there are hundreds of steps and more boulders and rocks to climb than you can count. This is one hike that I can’t wait to take again!

Eagle Falls

Hiking Eagle Falls Corbin, Kentucky

The trailhead for Eagle Falls is on KY 90 just past the Cumberland Falls bridge. Once you cross the bridge, look over on your right and you will see a small parking spot on the side of the road with a clearly marked sign telling you that you have arrived at the Eagle Falls hiking trail. The trail is roughly 1.5 miles in but you will hike back on the same trail.

As soon as you start down the trail, you will hear the rush of the water from the Cumberland Falls on your right. Much of the hike is spent right on the edge of the cliff, so watch kids carefully. It is a steep drop on the side. Along the trail, you can see some really amazing views of Cumberland Falls to your right.


There are hundreds of steps on this trail. On the way out, we started counting the man made steps and I think we got to 342 (but we could easily have missed a few!). The trail is very well marked and easy to follow. But it is not an easy, moderate trail and is definitely not stroller or wheelchair friendly.


Once you reach the bottom of the these metal steps that descend to the floor of the hike, you may think you are at the end of the trail. But if you are brave enough to climb the huge pile of tree limbs and rubbish, you will find the clearly marked red spots continue on the other side.

Yes! This is the way over to Eagle Falls.
tree trunk climb
The red spots lead you over the debris and right to the base of the falls.red-spots

Eagle Falls is a gorgeous display of nature. Set off to the left, this is a waterfall that you will miss if you never take the time to explore the ‘other side’ of Cumberland Falls.


Once you get to the base of Eagle Falls, you can turn around and hike back out. Or you can add on some extra adventure. The boulders just beg to be climbed and explored. If you take the time to venture out over the rocks and sand, you will get a magnificent view of the Cumberland Falls at the other end of the river.

climbing base of falls
Eagle Falls Kentucky

We absolutely loved our hike back to Eagle Falls. Now we have explored 4 of the waterfalls in Daniel Boone National Forest: Dog Slaughter Falls, Yahoo Falls, Cumberland Falls and now Eagle Falls. We’re anxious to see if there are more waterfalls in the Cumberland Falls State Park area. Do you know of any? We’d love to hear your stories!

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  1. Be careful where you perk. Tickets are given daily to those who park in spaces marked NO PARKING. A small parking area is a Short distance up from the trail head.

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