Heigold House Façade: Louisville


Whether we are traveling across the country or in our own home state, we love exploring and experiencing unique pieces of history and art. We enjoy finding unique things that make us chuckle, smile or think. When we turned on to Frankfort Avenue in downtown Louisville, the Heigold House Façade was a mix of everything we love to find.

Heigold House Façade: Louisville

The Heigold House was built by immigrant stonemason Christopher Heigold, and stands at the intersection of River Road and Frankfort Avenue just minutes from the Big Four Pedestrian Bridge in downtown Louisville.

This brick historic façade is the only remaining piece of the home that survived the early years of unrest and attacks on immigrants in the late 1850s, the Great Flood of 1937 and the demolition required for city expansion. It was moved to this present location in June, 2007.

Now it stands as a reminder of the past and a fun piece of interactive art and history for visitors and locals.

Heigold House Facade Louisville KY

Take the time to climb the steps to the front door and take your picture from both sides. Depending on the angle of the sun, you can get some fun pictures.

We will never forget the house with no walls that stands in the middle of the road on our visit to Louisville in March 2019! Now we need to go back at other seasons and enjoy the flower that are just now starting to grow.

Have you ever visited the Heigold House Façade in Louisville? Got any fun pictures?

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