Greetings From Murals in Cities Near You

We are always looking for cool things to find when we take road trips. Even if we are visiting a city we’ve been to a thousand times, we look for at least one new thing to take a picture of and create a memorable moment. A few years ago we discovered the “Greetings From Murals”. Muralist Victor Ving and photographer Lisa Beggs have created more than 50 of these iconic murals in more than 25 states. But there are also smaller murals that use the same phrase and are created by local artists in small towns all around the US. Next time you drive through your city, keep your eyes open! You may find one near you!

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Greetings From Murals in Cities Near you

Back in the early days of road trips, people would send postcards from the places they would visit. Travelers would stop at gas stations, historical locations, or amazing places and buy a postcard that said Greetings From and send them back to family and friends back home.

Now, thanks to talented artists and painters, we can find Greetings From murals in cities around the country and snap a picture to share our adventures with our friends.

Whether you are in Atlanta, Chicago, Toledo, El Paso or many cities in between, there is a Greetings From mural near you! Check out this list here to see where the murals are near you!

History of Greetings From:

It was an easy way to communicate information, to be sure, but with a twist any Instagram fan today would recognize immediately: an offhand, entertaining visual brag that showed just how much fun the sender was having at a nightclub, hotel, national monument, or natural wonder in some faraway state.

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Louisville Greetings From

If you are in Louisville, Kentucky, you can easily find the Greetings From Murals just across from Churchill Downs.

1101 Central Ave. Louisville, KY 40208

Greetings Tour is a cross country mural project creating landmarks through public art.  Using the classic large letter postcard style, they help revitalize communities with relatable imagery and bright colors.

Muralist Victor Ving and photographer Lisa Beggs have been traveling full time out of their RV for 4 years since leaving NYC in 2015. 

Greetings Tour

Knoxville Greetings From

Knoxville, Tennessee was easy to find on Broadway when we drove through the city last weekend.

1134 N Broadway, Knoxville, TN 37917

Other cities have similar city murals and signs to mark their landmarks.

Topeka, KS – Location: north side of 842 N. Kansas Ave.

Liberty, KY with a population of only 2,340, has its own greetings from mural where locals and visitors can snap a picture and share their greetings!

Do you look for things like this when you are traveling through a city? What Greetings from Murals have you found? I’d love to see them!

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