Free Things to do in Roanoke Virginia


Have you ever been on a road trip and needed a place to stretch and make some memories but you didn’t really want to spend extra money from your vacation budget? We have visited Roanoke, Virginia several times and have gathered several ideas for free things to do when you visit! I’m excited to share these fun (free) things to do in Roanoke to help you get inspired and get out there and explore!

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Free Things to do in Roanoke Virginia

Traveling through a new city can be a daunting experience if you don’t know where to look for fun and adventure. Roanoke, Virginia is a great example of some free places to explore without having to spend alot of money!

Greetings From Mural

Take a few minutes and find the “greetings from” mural in downtown Roanoke! **located on Jefferson Street across from Elmwood Park in Downtown Roanoke.

Find other “greetings from” murals in cities near you!

greetings from roanoke virginia

Wasena Park & Sculpture Garden

Spend some time walking and exploring Wasena Park and the Anne Davey Masters Sculpture Garden.

Fun fact: Once you cross the bridge and walk through the Sculpture Garden, you will be on the back side of Black Dog Salvage.

Walk the Martin Luther King Memorial Bridge

Located in downtown Roanoke there is a great place to get out and explore with some beautiful views of the city. The Martin Luther King Memorial Bridge in Downtown Roanoke boasts a 7-foot tall bronze statue of Martin Luther King Jr and serves as a powerful symbol of the region’s rich African-American heritage and history.

Martin Luther King Memorial Bridge

I Have a Dream

Make sure you take the time to enjoy the view as the trains speed below you on the tracks!

Enjoy the Historic Star and Overlook

When we visited Roanoke over Spring Break, we explored the Historic Star but it was cold. So, on this summer trip, we knew we had to go back to Mill Mountain and do a little more exploring.

Historic Star, Mill Mountain Park

Get inspired at Black Dog Salvage

Of course, no visit to Roanoke is complete without some time spent at Black Dog Salvage. Read all about what to expect when you visit this favorite!

Black Dog Salvage

Visit Center in the Square

Center in the Square is a home for multiple museums, restaurants, an aquarium and even a butterfly garden. When we visited, it was a holiday and most everything was closed, but that didn’t keep us from having a great time. Now we can’t wait to go back and enjoy the full experience!

Where to Eat in Roanoke:

When you finish exploring the attractions, parks and sculptures, stop for dinner at The Green Goat located right on the side of Wasena Park. This laid back restaurant offers a variety of sandwiches, wraps, salads and other entrees, such as Korean Tacos and Fish & Chips.

Don’t worry about dressing up for The Green Goat. The restaurant is perfect for families to grab a tasty meal after exploring without worrying about having to get dressed up.

Have you ever been to Roanoke, Virginia? What’s your favorite place to spend some time in this fun city? I’d love to hear!

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